A Festive Afternoon Tea at Mitton Hall.

There was a time when going out for Afternoon Tea was quite the norm for me. I think one year, I managed to devour ten. I know! But in 2018 I had not participated in this delightful institution until Sunday, when I joined some work colleagues for a Festive themed afternoon tea at Mitton Hall.

Mitton Hall near Whalley in Lancashire is a charming country house hotel. It’s the kind of olde worlde pile where a medieval banquet would not look out of place in its traditional oak panelled Great Hall. At this time of year a mahusive Christmas Tree welcomes you on arrival. 🙂 We immediately felt full of festive cheer.

Our Afternoon tea was booked for 5pm, so it was already dark when we arrived. After a quick refreshment in one of the cosy bars, we were lead to our table in the Brasserie.

It wasn’t long before our Afternoon Teas arrived, served on three tiers and piled high with goodies. We had all chosen the standard option which includes any hot drink of your choice and cost £17-50 each.

The bottom tier contained festive finger sandwiches, smoked salmon canopes and pigs in blankets. I always think it’s a shame that afternoon tea is more geared up for the sweet tooth. We would have loved a few more savoury items to feast upon.

However the cakes were to die for. And I am definitely a fan of cake! My personal favourite was the Lemon Drizzle..

Other sweet treats included a mince pie, a chocolate mousse ( unusually flavoured with mango, a hit with me but not for everyone) , a mini macaroon, a stollen bite and of course, plain and fruit scones, served with jam and clotted cream.

And after all that we just had to have a photo in front of the resplendent tree. 🙂

Will you be indulging in a Christmassy afternoon tea this year?

35 thoughts on “A Festive Afternoon Tea at Mitton Hall.”

  1. I had my wedding reception at Mitton Hall way back in the day before it had a licence and was a popular venue – 2002 to be precise. It wasn’t a popular or particularly busy place back then and the total cost of our reception which included feeding 50 guests and staying overnight in the bridal suite was £700 all in. Think they even decorated the great hall for us too if I remember rightly.

    Have always loved Mitton Hall and this comment has nothing whatsoever to do with your festive afternoon treat I know but this was one of those posts that takes me by surprise because it’s so local and not what I usually read on WordPress.

    Glad your enjoyed your treat!!

    1. Oh lovely, it must have been a wonderful wedding venue. It’s definitely somehow I wish I went to more. We sometimes walk over to Mitton from Clitheroe with our dog but usually end up in the Aspinall. Thanks for the comment. I loved my treat. 🙂

  2. Wow what a beautiful tree!! I love afternoon teas and I’m with you on the savoury side. I always want more sandwiches. Waaaay back when I visited UK 30 years ago I was at a little seaside village. Can’t remember where. A local older man offered to take me for tea. It was cold and blustery and I thought a cup of tea would be nice. And so when this three tier stack of goodies arrived I was blown away and so began my love affair with afternoon tea!!! I try to have one whenever I’m there but either I’m looking in the wrong places or they are just not so common as they once were??? I haven’t had a REAL one on my last two trips, search all I want. I have to make my own which isn’t nearly as good or fun and usually just involves eating leftovers out of the fridge 😜

    1. Afternoon teas are pretty popular in the UK right now, so it’s a shame you haven’t found one on your recent trips. Hope you get to indulge in one soon. It must have been lovely to be treated to one all those years ago, when all you expected was a cuppa. 🙂

  3. I’ve still not had an afternoon tea, ever! It doesn’t really appeal to me though, as a fussy vegetarian bordering on vegan I think it’d be difficult to find one for me!

    The hall looks lovely though – that tree is beautiful!

  4. We will have to find you a vegan Afternoon tea. I’m sure there must be such a thing! I do wonder how the staff got that huge tree in there. It must have been quite a feat!

  5. I’ve never had a full afternoon tea like the ones that seem popular now, just a scones, jam and cream type of afternoon tea. All the goodies look wonderful and such a treat for your outing. The tree looks amazing and would certainly make you feel festive:)

    1. Thanks Rosie for bobbing by. I hope you are tempted to try one. They are a fabulous treat. I’m glad I managed to sample one this year. A year of no afternoon teas. That’s shocking for me. 😉

  6. Sounds extremely “British” to me being a lowly colonial.(giggle) It was beautifully presented & glad you enjoyed. We are off today with our car club for the monthly coffee/cake run, which is afternoon tea at a cafe somewhere not too far, but with an enjoyable countryside drive. Not going in our Morris Minor today as it is going to be rather hot (mid 30’s predicted), so will take our X-trail with air conditioning. Enjoy the rest of the week & take care.

  7. Ooh looks so lovely – and I love the idea of a few savoury treats, eg pigs in blankets! Haven’t been for afternoon tea for some months – now I feel I need to arrange another one!

    1. I’m partial to both sweet and savoury but it would be nice to have more savoury. I have never seen an Afternoon Tea yet with two savoury tiers and one sweet….x

  8. Mitton Hall was on the telly last night (BBC1 7.30) as part of a regional Riverside Walks feature. Presenter Stuart Maconie ended his River Hodder walk at Mitton Hall. It looked lovely – and so do your photos! The prog was quite interesting. Bowland looked amazing. x

  9. Yes I’m heading to Afternoon Tea next weekend…a little Chrimbo treat for mum. Yours looks lovely…I know what you mean about sweet vs savoury but I’m sure I’ll not complain when I get there 🙂

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