January ♥️

The month of January can be a wee bit meh. The sparkle and celebrations of Christmas are over and done with, so what is to be done ? Possibly go back to the gym, join weight watchers ( my depressing January thing once upon a time) or go into full on hibernation? I say do none of those things. Embrace the winter months. Get out and explore. Snuggle up with a good book or two. Engross yourself in a riveting boxset. Make hearty stews. Drink winter warming brews. This month sounds so much better already. 🙂

Watching ~ The Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

I’m presently loving The Marvelous Mrs Maisel on Amazon Prime. I can really get lost in the retro fifties glamor, the whimsical storylines and the laugh out loud moments.

Midge Maisel is a well to do Jewish New York house wife whose life falls apart when her husband leaves her for his secretary. Reeling, Midge accidentally finds therapy in stand-up comedy, almost unheard of for women in those days. This show is a visual treat with fabulous characters and is written by Amy Sherman-Palladino, creator of Gilmore Girls. I definitely recommend. ❤️

One of my birdie visitors.

I’ve signed up to do the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch , which I had fun participating in last year. If you have any feathered visitors in your yard or garden or even in your local park, it is definitely a great help to take an hour out of your time to just sit and observe who turns up. The Big Birdwatch is on over the last weekend of January. Make sure you fill up the feeders beforehand. Then put the kettle on, relax and watch. You can sign up here.

The best January days are bright and cold.

I’ve also signed up to do the #walk1000miles challenge again. There’s a fantastic Facebook page with a wonderful community of experienced and inexperienced walkers. Lots of walks ideas on there and motivational stories too. Just think, by the end of January there will be an extra hour of daylight, so more time to enjoy the outdoors. I’m certainly looking forward to that!

Hubs by Premier Inn ~ Royal Mile, Edinburgh.

I always think January is a good time to organize a mini break. Though that might be partly because it’s my other halves birthday. 🙂 Seriously though, what better way to combat the winter blues than a couple of nights away. Out of season breaks are usually less expensive and I was beyond pleased when I found Hubs By Premier Inn in Edinburgh. I’ll tell you if staying in such a bijou room is a good experience, later in the month!

Head for the warmth ~ Palm House at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.

If it’s cold outside, and it often is in January , head for the warmth. A great article in this month’s the Simple things magazine has some toasty suggestions including….

Winter Swim in one of the heated open air pools or lido’s that are open out of season. outdoorswimmingsociety.com

Admire tropical growing palms, ferns and flowers in the warmth of an ornate Glass House.

Book a break at Sherwood Center Parcs and experience a treetop sauna.

After a brisk walk on the beach, grab a blanket, buy some fish n chips and eat them on the prom in a wind shelter.

Google pubs near you with a roaring fire. Nothing beats a tipple of your choice in front of a crackling open fire.

My own suggestions ~ wrap up warm in a beach hut, relax in a Turkish baths, head to an independent cinema that serves hot drinks whilst you watch a movie and/or drink coffee with cats in your local cat cafe.

What are your January plans?

30 thoughts on “January ♥️”

  1. I started the year with a nice sunny local walk on New Year’s Day but without the dogs, which seemed rather strange – just posted on my blog. I rarely make plans these days as they often go wrong so I just take each day as it comes.

    1. Hi Eunice I will pop by soon. New Year’s Day was a great day for walking wasn’t it! We’ve been out today up Holcombe Hill near Bury, but it was so foggy. 😦

      1. I go through Ramsbottom regularly and the tower on Holcombe Hill is one place I keep meaning to go to but haven’t got there yet. I remember going up there with my partner about 20 years ago but can’t remember where we parked to get there.

      2. We parked near the railway station and walked up to Holcombe village, turning right onto the moor just before the Shoulder of Mutton pub. It was quite a steep yomp , but maybe you could manage to park nearer. We will definitely return on a clearer day.

  2. Lovely post. I’ve signed up to do the RSPB count too. The hotel in Edinburgh sounds good. I had a look at other hotels in the chain and they are really cheap! I’ve no plans as yet for January, save spending time with David and walking more with Riley. I’m making a mushroom curry with wild rice tonight, from a recipe of Jamie Oliver. Hope it turns out! xx

    1. We have a lamb curry in the slow cooker. The mushroom one sounds good though. Heres hoping! I may do a bird count at my house and one at my sister’s too. She has signed up and has plenty of visitors. 🙂

  3. Great ideas. When I lived in Scotland I often went to the botanics in Edinburgh and luxuriated in the warmth and admired the plants in the glass houses. Beautiful! I just have my fingers crossed that the Eden Project does come to Morecambe, then I can do the same here 🙂

  4. “The best January days are bright and cold!!” Too right, but cold is relative. I see you have lovely green grass still. Our January’s are usually our coldest winter month. Brilliant sunshine but temperatures as low as -40C. This why the British Commonwealth Air Training Program set up the majority of its training bases here on the prairies—to take advantage of the hours of sunshine. Luckily we’re having an unusually warm start to the year. They do a Christmas bird count here too, and a mini break!! That just sounds so decadent 😊

    1. I see your snowy pictures and get very envious. It must be hard though. I don’t how people cope with such extreme temperatures! Here in England, the country grinds to a halt as soon as it snows. Schools shut at the drop of the hat and everyone has snow days. I would love to see what birds turn up in your yard. I love wildlife too and have been to Canada twice ( Fernie BC, where my friend lives) and it was amazing. I’m looking forward to my mini break. 🙂

      1. We don’t cope well but it’s a lot better than our pioneer ancestors had it. My mother’s parents were immigrants from Ukraine and lived in a sod house for the first few years. How terrible that must have been. One of the real benefits of such cold weather is that many pests and bacteria’s are killed. But it’s been too warm recently and the ticks that carry Lyme disease are on the rise. Easier to dress for the cold than the heat!!

  5. Now that sounds like you may have a very busy month & look forward to hearing & seeing some of these adventures. I’d love to join in the #walk1000miles, but being here in Oz I don’t think we’ve anything similar & I’ve no way of knowing how to keep a record of what I’d be clocking up in mileage. Did have a walk yesterday through suburbia (new estate) & saw ducks, moorhens, 2 herons & 2 hoons in a hotted up car being stupid. Certainly not a nice quiet countryside walk, but at least out getting some exercise. Cat cafes always sound interesting, but what about puppy cafes? Thanks for brightening my morning. Take care & huggles.

    1. Hi Susan if you have a smart phone there are apps you can get that will add up your miles as you walk, as long as you take your phone about with you. Or you could use a Fitbit or a pedometer. 10000 steps is about four miles . The face book page is open to all countries I think. So you could definitely take a look at the #walk1000miles FB page if your interested.
      A puppy cafe would be fun. We do have a few dog themed cafes over here such as Kibble Coffee House in Skipton, Jasper’s in Keswick and The Lamppost in Hebden Bridge, where people bring their dogs, so they always gets lots of fuss and attention. X

  6. I’ve never been able to have a January break due to working in schools since I left college, but I love the idea of it… definitely a plan for the future if I end up working outside of schools when I finally get a job!

  7. My January plans involve drinking copious amounts of hot Ribena winter spice and reading away from the distractions of social media apps! I love Edinburgh so will be looking forward to reading all about your trip later this month! x

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