Foggy walk to Holcombe Tower.

I wasn’t sure that I would post about this walk we did last weekend from Ramsbottom and up through Holcombe onto the Moors, as it was such a foggy day that we saw no views to speak of. But there again it was quite atmospheric ambling through the mist searching for the Peel Monument, a tower erected in memoriam to a famed son of nearby Bury, the conservative MP and twice prime minister ‘ Sir Robert Peel’.

We had originally planned to do this circular moorland walk but due to the fog we only got as far as the tower, which was literally obscured by the murky gloom. After following a few confused looking walkers up the hill, we turned round and took a wall side path to the right and after a few minutes the tower loomed above us, emerging from the mist like a great grey ghost. On a clearer day I bet the surrounding views are impressive. The monument is sometimes open to the public and has a viewing platform, from which to admire the surrounding Lancashire and Manchester countryside.

Walking up through Ramsbottom to Holcombe village and past the Shoulder of Mutton Pub. We had parked at the train station car park.
The Tower stands 128 feet tall !
Some of Holcombe Moor is looked after by the National Trust.
The fog got thicker the higher we went.
The tower emerges from the gloom. You can just about see that it is pretty tall compared to the diddy humans at its base.
The tower is only open to the public when flying a white flag. This obviously wasn’t one of those days!
Apparently one of Sir Robert Peels achievements was the introduction of the Metropolitan Police Force. This may explain their ‘ Peelers ‘ and ‘ Bobby’s ‘ nick names.
Eyeing up sandwiches…. obviously. 😉
Believe you will find Holcombe Tower, even on a foggy day. 🙂
Back in Ramsbottom ~ Edward Allington’s Tilted Vase Sculpture.
Refreshments in Grind & Tamp.

In the end we only managed to walk 4 miles because visibility was so poor. However this is a great reason to return and try again. 🙂

Have you ever had a foggy walk?

22 thoughts on “Foggy walk to Holcombe Tower.”

  1. I’ve walked in bad weather when the mist obscured the view of Orrest Head, Windermere. There was a view there but not to be seen when we visited. At least you got 4 miles on your walk, better than nothing! x

  2. This post is really encouraging me to go up there now but it’ll be on a much nicer day. I hope the tower is open when I do go as I’d love to climb to the top 🙂

      1. If you didn’t already know about it the town has a 2-day weekend Christmas market in mid December with indoor stalls in the Civic Hall, food and drink at the Market Place and stalls all down one of the two main streets, plus there’s some nice independent shops and cafes – Google Ramsbottom Christmas markets for this coming December 🙂

  3. When I had a dog I walked in all weathers. I liked foggy walks once I was suitably booted and spurred. I found the mist and murk and cobwebs very atmospheric as indeed your walk looks.

    1. Dogs don’t mind the weather do they, especially labradors. Hugo loves walks rain or shine, and like you say, if your wearing the correct clothing, your fine. X

  4. I see this tower from the motorway every time I drive back from my parents’. I’d never thought to walk up to it, even in the fog it’s impressive and looks a little like a scene from a Harry Potter film!

  5. I’m very glad you did share this. Like Rebecca, I see this tower every time we drive up to Clitheroe and have never considered walking to it before. I like the sound of the moorland walk so thanks for sharing it. It’s been foggy here most days lately but I like it!

    1. Luckily it was just up in the hills that were foggy and the roads in the valley weren’t to bad. Hoping for a clear and nice weekend coming up, as we are off to Edinburgh. Definitely want to be able to see all the beautiful buildings there!

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