Sunday Sevens 27th January.

Sunday Sevens is a collection of seven or more photos from the last seven days.

Last Sunday Wil and I were still in Edinburgh, where we had spent the weekend for Wil’s birthday. Sunday morning was spent exploring the monuments on Calton Hill. Well worth a visit! I will have to get round to writing a proper post.

Calton Hill.

Our favourite meal in Edinburgh and a tick off my bucket list, was this lamb Wellington at The Witchery by the Castle. Talk about melt in the mouth dining , in a sumptuous setting.

Lamb Wellington at The Witchery

Back home to a foggy England. I have actually had the week off work, due to having some holidays to get in before the end of March. Wil took Monday off and we went for a misty wander round the Pendle Sculpture Trail.

Tree Nymph on the trail.
Swans on the Riverside path. 😂

Clitheroe had one gorgeous bright cold frosty day which Hugo and I made the most of , with a long walk by the Ribble. I was amused when these two swans emerged from the river and promptly plonked themselves on the path in front of us.


Even though I have been in Scotland this week, I didn’t try Haggis or the traditional Scottish dessert Cranachan. Made from double cream, honey, oats, whisky & raspberries, cranachan is a simple pudding to make….even for me. 🙂 Delicious not only on Burns Night.

Noticed a few clumps of snowdrops whilst out and about this week. And discovered some hiding in my flower beds, once I tidied them up a bit. If your interested, here are a few links to snowdrop walks & weekends. Not sure I will get to go to one myself this year, as were on with decorating the bedroom.

Lytham Hall, Lancs.

Hornby Castle, Lancs.

National Trust Snowdrop walks.

Goldsborough Hall, Harrogate.

Hopton Hall, Derbyshire.

National Garden Schemes snowdrop days.

Ruby red Amaryllis.

I will leave you with this cheery amaryllis, a Christmas present that is now blooming beautifully. 🙂

Thanks to Natalie at Threads and Bobbins for devising Sunday Sevens.

16 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 27th January.”

  1. What a fab week! I hope you enjoyed your week off work? I made a Cranachan a few years ago, it was tasty! I have snowdrops poking through the soil in the yarden but none have flowered yet, though the crocus are starting to bloom 🙂 Have a lovely week xx

  2. Lovely photos of your week just gone & I wonder what the swans were thinking. Maybe you had some titbits for them (giggle), but that photo & your amaryllis are great. Pendle Hill is sounding interesting & may have to go on our list! Take care.

  3. Love the photo of the swans on the frosty path, and the amaryllis is lovely. I’ve just checked out the link to Lytham Hall, it’s a place I’ve been meaning to go to for a while but in summer, however if we get a sunny weekend sometime during next month I might just do a snowdrop walk 🙂

  4. I can’t wait for your Edinburgh post for some inspiration! We also celebrated Burns Night but I was only brave enough to cook veggie haggis rather than going the whole hog! x

  5. A lovely week! I looked at The Witchery website… how I’d love to spend a few nights in the library suite there… but not at £365 per night, haha!

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