RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch 2019.

Over the weekend I joined in with the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch , a wildlife survey which is in its 40th year. Us Brits first started counting our garden birds for an hour in January back in 1979 , when the RSPB joined forces with good old Blue Peter. The survey proved popular and is still going strong, with over half a million people joining in every year.

This was my second year participating , so here’s what I saw on Saturday in my little back yard.

1 Starling, 3 House Sparrows, 2 Bluetits and 1 Blackbird.

Although this seems a small tally, I’m quite happy with the results. Last year I had a dunnock visiting in the hour instead of a starling. Since then I have seen quite a few starlings fighting over the fat balls as well as visiting Long-tailed tits, Great tits, Coal tits, a Robin, Dunnocks, a Wren, a Mistle thrush and even a Jackdaw. You just never know who will turn up in the hour.

On Sunday I went to my sisters to see who would turn up to her Big Garden Birdwatch. We were all very cosy sat by the window with our brews and biscuits. She put on quite a spread! As Yvonne and her family live in the countryside, we hoped a good variety of wildlife would visit.

All set for the birdwatch.

Despite it being quite windy outside , the hour was pretty eventful, mostly because two mischievous Grey Squirrels came a calling. This prompted my sister and nephew to resort to trumpeting party blowers at them in order to scare the rascals away. They kept returning though. 😉

Cheeky visitors.
Coal Tit.

Here’s what we saw in the hour on Sunday.

5 Bluetits, 3 Chaffinch, 3 Coal tits, 2 Great tits, 5 long-tailed tits, 2 Robins, 1 Wood pigeon, 1 Nuthatch & 2 Grey Squirrels.

Chloe the cat. Avid Bird Fan.
Bluetit & Long-tailed Tits.
Great Tit.

Straight after the hour two blackbirds and a pheasant arrived! But we didn’t include these late arrivals in the results.

Female Blackbird.

Did you participate this year?

What is your favourite garden visitor?

38 thoughts on “RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch 2019.”

  1. First time I’ve heard of the project – what a great idea! Loved the cat pic – not interested in organised bird-watching – spontaneous bird catching more her style, I would think! I read Lev Parikian’s lovely book on bird watching last year – a great read.

      1. South Afric has a varied and prolific bird life. My garden is mainly visited by doves, sunbirds, and the Cape Robin. Oh: and the dratted hahdedahs which are huge pests. I’m not a birder so not terribly clued up on other avian visitors.

      2. I especially like the malachite and the red collared sunbird – gorgeous. I have a big honeysuckle hedge growing around 3 walls of my tiny property, and the birds love it. Its proper name is Tecoma, I think. Its a big bushy plant, not the delicate scented vine type plant you may know.

  2. What a super variety you spotted. I didn’t participate this year but we have lots of birds regularly in the garden. What a great idea to have a family party too.

  3. What, not a single magpie?! (Or a married one for that matter 😀)
    Just realised I’ve not seen any of my Jackdaw cousins for a while. Must be keeping warm somewhere.

  4. Lovely, you saw lots of wonderful birds both at home and at your sister’s house. Great to see the nuthatch and I always love to see the long tailed tits. It’s hard to put off a determined squirrel! Beautiful Chloe she is so like my much loved and missed Chloe:)

    1. Those squirrels were very determined indeed! Chloe the cat was very relaxed when bird watching. She isn’t much of a hunter now she’s twenty,though she used to catch rabbits and all-sorts. X

  5. Love the long tailed tits! I did it in the grounds of a hotel in England in the morning, nothing unusual except an amazing red kite flying over. When we got back to France we did the watch again and got to see the huge flock of bramblings flying over again at dusk.
    It is a great bit of international citizen science recording!

  6. I love the idea of having a bird count & have enjoyed the few I’ve read about. I love birds (& all animals) & seeing all the different varieties you have in UK is interesting. We too have sparrows, blackbirds, starlings etc., that were brought over by the first settlers. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

  7. Great results and great pics of garden visitors – especially nuthatch. Beats my Sunday count of a big fat zero! Convinced the birdies know it’s BGBW so they hide away on purpose! (Saturday’s tally was better!)

  8. Great variety and what a good idea to have bird watching party with your sister. It was so windy here on Sunday when I had the time to do it all the birds had disappeared 😦

  9. Well done! Not sure I’d have the patience and I’d probably have trouble differentiating between the birds. A brew is always welcome, mind! ☕️

    1. If you apply to do it by post next year, they do send you a guide of all the garden birds you may or may not see, to help with identification.Brews and cake are a great insentive!

  10. What a fab selection of birds! This year was my 4th Big Garden Bird Watch – I love joining in. I think my favourite little visitor has to be our little robin, he’s such a little character!

    1. I remember you posting about it last year. 🙂
      I do have a robin that visits me too, but he didn’t show up in my hour on Saturday, though my sister’s robins visited. 🙂

  11. You got to see some lovely birds – I love the Long-tailed Tits & the cheeky Nuthatches that come and take seeds and stash them for later! So much of what you see depends on which hour you pick, you may have just missed those in your own garden!

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