Winter walk in the Centre of the UK.

This afternoon we donned our waterproofs and walking boots, packed a lunch and flask of coffee and headed to the centre of the UK !

The pretty village of Dunsop Bridge in the Trough Of Bowland is the nearest village to National Grid reference SD63770 56550 Hanging Stones. Apparently this area has been determined to be the exact centre of the country.

From the village car park ( £1.40 charge for four hours) we walked past the green and took the tarmacked track to the left of Puddleducks Tea Rooms and Post Office. From here we followed the lane through a couple of farm cottages and up through the valley as far as the water pumping station and back.

Heading toward the Dunsop Valley.

Hugo really enjoyed dipping in and out of the brook and chasing sticks. 🙂

Meanwhile the weather was a mixture of sunshine and hale stones, plus it was blowing a bit of a hooley.





I think the weather conditions frightened off most of the wildlife. I saw a few ducks and the odd pheasant. Lots of purple catkins on the alder trees gave the countryside a lilac hue.




I think the scenery in the Trough is every bit as beautiful as in the Yorkshire Dales or the Lake District.





We didn’t venture further than this water tower but I’m sure we will return one day soon and follow the lane up into the fells.


We turned back and headed for Dunsop Bridge. This walk covered five miles in total.


It was lovely to see bunches of wild snowdrops growing by the stream and dotted round the village. Hopefully Spring is on its way..

Have you been out and about this weekend?

47 thoughts on “Winter walk in the Centre of the UK.”

  1. Couldn’t agree more – the TofB is a beautiful, unspoiled part of our neck of the woods. People bypass it on their way to the Lakes and Dales. Are we bovvered? Nah! Such a great walk along the River Dunsop – whatever the weather. No dippers?

  2. What a lovely walk, and nearly as beautiful as Yorkshire! I had a super walk yesterday, bit blowy but sunny AND on my way home I was driving slowly on account of pheasants on the road and a bit barn owl flew alongside me. Wow. It made my day.

  3. It has been a while since we walked that track – the boys were little and learning to ride their bikes – so a quiet lane with a river for the dog was perfect. Might be time to revisit that area again 🙂 Are you doing #walk1000miles again this year?

  4. Beautiful pics despite the weather. It was pretty grim for us on Friday and I think you got it Saturday. Lovely to see Hugo enjoying his walk despite the weather – always put a smile on my face seeing Hugo xx

  5. Sounds like a lovely walk & I keep adding more to our lists. Did some walking ourselves today (just locally), as we need to make sure we are up to scratch for all the walking we hope to do whilst on holiday. The area does look nearly as good as Yorkshire or The Lakes or could I say, most places around the British Isles. The snowdrops are gorgeous. Have a great week & take care.

  6. This looks like a lovely walk with lots of interest. Love the cat on the fence and Hugo enjoying himself along the walk and in the water. Did Hugo and the cat spot each other?:)

  7. I’ve not been up to Dunsopp Bridge for yonks. I’ve walked out up onto the hills from there a few times and, like other parts of Bowland, it’s so quiet once you stray a relatively short distance from the car. Usually you hardly see another sole. Mind you, it’s usually a quagmire up on the peary moors, especially this time of the year.

    1. Il have to get out and about at weekend s whilst I still can. Where I work is going to part time wknd hours from May, which is not good! Beach walks are the best.Glad Riley is having fun. X

  8. Thank you for sharing this; I’d never really thought about where the exact centre of the UK lies, so was surprised that it’s so far north, but what a beautiful spot! It looks quite wild from your photographs and unspoilt from your photographs, but also quite well set-up for visitors. Does it get busy in warmer seasons?

    1. I was surprised too when I found out. The trough of Bowland itself can get quite busy, but there are so many areas off it that are quite remote so there’s plenty of space. I bet if you went on a week day you would have it all to yourself. X

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