Street Art In Blackburn.

Finding myself with an hour to kill in Blackburn on Friday, I decided to check out some of the stunning street art that adorns the Lancashire town. Blackburn Open Walls features both local and international artists , bringing creativity and colour to the lesser known streets of Blackburn. The initiative began in 2016 and new murals have been popping up every year since. I didn’t manage to find all of them, but here is a small selection I discovered before catching my train home.

Colourful Kingfishers and Girl by Mexican Artist Goya Torres ~ above archway by The Mall.
Connect 4 by Boo_Who_Up_North.
Couldn’t find any info on this one. Possibly The BFG ?
Bird Art by Curtis Hylton.
Probably my favourite of the street art that I saw. A giant duck by Curtis Hylton on the side of Bar Ibiza, Mincing Lane.
Not really part of Blackburn Open Walls, but seen on a cafe window ~ Exchange Coffee Company in Flemming Square.
Artwork by Blackburn based Alphahol.
A nod to Blackburns industrial heritage. A fantastical creature on a Loom by Sheffield based artist Phlegm.
Bees by Jerome Davenport ~ Australia.
Mural by London based Dale Grimshaw.
Found some more beautiful birds on a carpark wall, mostly obscured by vehicles though. Artist ~ Alexandra Gallagher.

I find myself wanting to hunt out the rest now. And definitely hoping more artists will add to these incredible street murals in 2019.

Do you have any street art near you?

33 thoughts on “Street Art In Blackburn.”

  1. The nearest to Blackburn town centre I’ve been during the last few years is either to Go Outdoors or a walk along the canal, stopping opposite the football ground. These murals are great, I particularly like the flowery bird ones, the bees and the coffee shop window – I must find the time to go and seek these out for myself sometime 🙂

    1. Please do Eunice, I actually only found a small amount of them. I had heard about them last Summer then totally forgot about them, only remembering when I went shopping in Blackburn for the first time in forever on Friday. X

  2. What an interesting collection. I like to see the ones in Sheffield, though I don’t get around the city enough to spot many, I mostly see them online! I really like the duck and the bees are great too. There are some very talented people out there!

    1. I heard that Sheffield has some brill street art. There are definitely some super talented people out there. I can barely draw a stick man. 🤣

  3. I love seeing street art around towns. I think my favourite is the creature on a loom – very creative! We have a lot around Napier, mainly Art Deco because of Napier’s Art Deco heritage, and also some great sea murals.

  4. Really great murals!! We have a few but I think they are commissioned with a floral theme. Nice but not great art. The best is a skate board shop which has opened its south facing wall to local graffiti artists and they do some fantastic work. We should really have more public spaces available for this kind of art. So unique and colourful.

  5. Glasgow has quite a bit of street art that was created for the Commonwealth Games. There is also a large mural on Sauchiehall Street at the moment, cats playing with a wool basket which is gorgeous.

  6. These are a great find, aren’t they? Don’t think I’ve ever been to Blackburn. 🙂 🙂 You should put them in Sami’s Colourful World- a nice Portuguese lady in Australia who does a Monday Murals feature. Just Google- easy to find the blog. Not WP. Have a great week!

  7. There are some wonderful and very different paintings. Love the duck and the fantastical creature with the loom. One of my favorites in the city centre here is opposite the museum and is of two Waxwings eating berries, it’s by Faunagraphic:).

  8. Amazing, I love anything like this and they are very good. I wish more places would do this. Great photos too.
    Amanda xx

  9. I am from Hull and my favourite street painting is of Lily Balloca who campaigned for safety on fishing trawlers.
    The most beautiful street art I have seen is in Kati Kati in New Zealand.

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