Captured On Camera ~ Old Family photographs.

via Captured On Camera ~ Old Family photographs.

I’ve been having another sneak peek at my family tree recently and this reminded me of an old post I wrote back in 2014. Yes I have been hanging around WordPress for that long! Even longer actually. Anyway I am quite interested in first names and it’s been fun to look back in time to see what names were popular in my own family. My paternal grandmother was called Henrietta and I had a great aunt called Isa, a name I have never come across anywhere else. In my Facebook feed recently there has been three lovely babies born. Their names Ronald, Nathaniel and Nora. All old fashioned monikers that are becoming popular once again….maybe. 🙂 Happy reading. What names have appeared way back when in your family tree?

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  1. I love names. They’re so fascinating.

    One of the freelancers my company works with is called Isa. In German the I is pronounced ee.

    I had great-grandmothers named Hilda, Margaret and Ann.

    1. Brilliant, I had honestly never heard of the name Isa anywhere else. Old fashioned names are definitely on trend. Wouldn’t surprise me to hear of any new Hilda’s for example. X

  2. My father’s paternal grandfather was named Joachim. That’s just the most beautiful name. I only recently discovered this. If I had known earlier my son may have been Joachim instead of Brendan (named for St Brendan as I had read and loved the book “The Brendan Voyage”). Every second boy my son’s age was named some variation of Brendan (Brenden, Brendon etc). Not very original in the end but it was when I chose it in my teens.

      1. I always thought it was a Jewish name, which is correct I guess as it’s Old Testament. But the family were not Jewish—Austro-Hungarian Empire— what is now Hungary?!? Place names and borders have changed and so much was lost in the war.

  3. My maternal grandmother was Freda (spelt without an ‘i’). She was followed by Fred!! Her eldest sister was Ina. Like you, I haven’t come across anyone else called Ina. Unfortunately she was a bit of a battleaxe by the time I knew her, otherwise I would have considered repeating it for my children!

    1. Tee-hee, that’s funny about Ina. Great Auntie Isa was a sweetie. But battle-axes have more character! Keitha is a name I have never heard of before. People really struggle with spelling names don’t they. My sister Yvonne had a lot of trouble with friends spelling her name wrong at school. X

  4. Oh, and my mother-in-law is Keitha! She curses her mother for choosing it, because no one spells it right, to the point where for many years when she was a nurse, she just accepted the wrong spelling on her records, and spelt her own name wrongly for many years!!

  5. I love discovering old names in my family tree, too, like Petronella, Dulcie, Greta, and Marili. These are definitely names you don’t see any more, although you do see Greta occasionally. Love the old photos of your ancestors!

    1. They are lovely names.I like Petronella! A friend of mine has a little niece called Greta. There is a river Greta in the Lake District. X

  6. Old names and seeing them in family history is so interesting. I was so lucky when tracing my family tree to discover there was an Alonsa, sometimes spelt Alonza . I can see no reason why he was named thus, and wondered if there was entertainer with the name who was popular at the time.
    My favourites in family trees is when I mothers maiden name is used as a middle name.
    I have a Harriet and an Althalia in my family, sadly I was unable to persuade any of the nieces to use these names .

    1. That’s a great name! You must see some interesting ones in your graveyard restorations too. I have a god daughter called Bronte by the way. 😁

  7. Some interesting names! There has been little imagination in our immediate family. My mum’s sister and one of her aunts were both called Annabella (known as Anna or Annie in my great aunt’s case and my aunt is Annabel). I obviously got the bargain basement version of the name and the spelling has plagued me all my life. My middle name is Christine after my mum and gran (both Christina). My dad was John after his father, my sister is Elspeth after another aunt and great aunt. At least she has broken out and called her daughters Harriet and Cassie.
    PS One of my mum’s cousins was called Isa (pronounced Eye-za in this case).

    1. I think yours and your sisters names are lovely, though I can see how people spell your name with two ns. I think I may have done that before now! Hurrah ~ another Isa. I am quite warming to the name and I like your pronunciation of it. X

  8. It is a great hobby, you have some beautiful names there. We have encountered the names Ephraim, Anastasia from late 1700’s, Isaiah, Noah, Levi, amongst others. x

    1. Wow, they are all marvelous old names. Brilliant. I’m glad I asked people as there have been some wonderful names mentioned. I like all the ones you’ve mentioned. Never heard of Ephraim. Anastasia sounds like a princess. Wonder if she had russian blood. 🙂

  9. Names are fascinating as are family trees. The first name above was my Dad’s name & we seem to have an awful lot of Benjamins’ on both my side & hubbies. The places we originated from can also be exciting, though finding some wacky information too is unnerving, as I have a bigamist and a convict along the way.(giggle). Well, I do live in Australia, which is of course an old convict colony……. Have a lovely week & take care.

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