Hawthorns Photo Scavenger Hunt~ March.

Hi, it’s been a while, fellow Photo Scavenger Hunters. Today ( Thursday) I was trying to find inspiration to interpret Kate’s prompts, whilst out and about with Hugo the Labrador. I did! For three photos anyway. πŸ™‚

Flat. So I took this picture whilst flat on my back on a dirt track. I’m surprised Hugo’s snout didn’t get in shot. A different perspective of the woodland above me.

Wheel. There are wheels galore at the Lakeland Motor Museum near Windermere. This is one of several penny-farthings. There was even old film footage of penny-farthings racing. It was a thing!

Swing. You wouldn’t believe it but I was actually thinking how I would photograph Swing, then I saw one right in front of me. Can you see it ?

Ragged. The not particularly attractive Butterbur came to my rescue here. It’s raggedy tight-knit flowers are popular with bees in early spring and you can find them close to streams from March to May. The Butterbur’s name comes from the fact that it’s large green leaves were once used to pack butter apparently. Other names for this Spring flower include Devils Hat, Bog Rhubarb and Pestilence Wort. The mind boggles!

Pot. A typical pot of Mint tea from my fave cafe in Clitheroe ` Escape’. πŸ™‚

My Own Choice. Last weekend we went for a walk in Gisburn Forest and came across this old church. Dalehead Chapel was rebuilt after the flooding of nearby land to build Stocks Reservoir in the 1930s. The original church was demolished and this is it’s replacement. I seem to remember that in my youth this pretty building had fallen into disrepair and had a reputation as a haunted church! Happily today it is in use again and there are information boards inside detailing the history of the area.

Thanks kate/Hawthorn for organising the Scavenger Hunt.


30 thoughts on “Hawthorns Photo Scavenger Hunt~ March.”

  1. Great photos and interpretations. Love the penny farthing cycles and butterbur especially its other names. The pot of mint tea looks refreshing and I’m glad that the church is still used as an information point:)

  2. Great photos Shazza. Ah, another daft enough to lie on their backs to take photos. I do too, but never thought about it for that. I also looked through my photo archive from Lakeland Museum, but couldn’t find one that was quite right. I loved it there. Couldn’t find your swing, unless it’s the shadow in the water? The stone church is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing & take care.

  3. That’s certainly an unusual way of interpreting flat – I hope you didn’t get dirty. I do some strange things to get photos but I’ve never laid on my back before – maybe I should make that a future feature of my photo taking πŸ™‚ I love the look of the little church, it’s good to know it’s being used for something and not just left in disrepair.

    1. Yep I did get a bit dirty and licked by a Labrador. At least no one saw me! Yes the church has a Sunday service once a month and it’s also a mini heritage centre now. X

  4. This is so much fun and produced some great shots!! I’ve never thought to take part in one of these type projects but I might have to in the future. I really love the image for flat – fantastic interpretation.

  5. Lovely photos, we’ve done some cracking from that church. Do like your ‘out of the box’ thinking for swing!
    Please check your link on my blog, it is not taking folk to your post x

    1. Different spelling I think.
      No, I think all the Robin Hood folklore is from round Nottingham and Sherwood Forest which are further south. X

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