Catching up…..and a Caravan.

It’s been a while since I have written a post. As I currently have no job, I thought I would be writing lots. But nope. Instead I find myself procrastinating when it comes to things I probably should be doing, like finding a job. Instead I have been booking trips away…..and we’ve bought a caravan.

Yes I am now the proud owner of a 38 ft 2005 Willoughby Vogue static caravan! I can’t quite believe it! Here she is the day we looked round her, and I bought her on the spot. No procastinating there…

She is quite beige inside so for now we are just brightening her up a bit with some rugs and throws. Really not sure how simple it is to paint the inside of a van.

We will probably get around to changing the curtains too. For now though it’s Summer at last, so we might as well enjoy our purchase and start exploring the area. 🙂

Can you guess where we are?

We got the keys on Friday and have been busy kitting out the van whilst Mr Hugo is being looked after for the wknd. Hopefully he will get to see it next wknd, before we head to Shropshire glamping with him, a trip we booked a few months ago, before my impulse buy.

If you had told me back in January that by June I would have taken redundancy and bought a holiday home, I would never have believed you. Life can be crazy like that!

36 thoughts on “Catching up…..and a Caravan.”

  1. Taking redundancy then buying a holiday home sounds totally crazy but what the hell, you only get one life so you may as well enjoy it while you can. Your new holiday home looks lovely and I hope you have lots of great times in it. I’ve worked out where it is but won’t mention it here in case you don’t want it broadcast – looks a nice little village though so I hope you have some good times exploring with Hugo. Incidentally, I went to Ravenglass while I was away and my opinion of a few years ago was confirmed – there’s still nothing there! lol

    1. I probably like Ravenglass because I can’t help but love the seaside.:)
      That’s ok about knowing where the van is. We are at the bottom of Hartside Pass, so in Cumbria and not far from the Lakes. Ullswater is the nearest lake. Lots of North Pennines walks round here for Hugo. 🙂 X

  2. My goodness, you are a surprising young lady. Looks lovely & at 38ft long is over twice the length of ours, but it’s not static. We tow it behind our X-Trail & we love being away in it. Not used it much this year, but then you know why that is. Enjoy the time away & exploring the new area. Take care.

    1. Thanks Susan and thanks for calling me a Young Lady. Haha 🙂 It’s definitely a big van and more outside space than our actual house!

  3. That looks brilliant! Some times the best things happen when you dont plan. Our house us called Carpe Diem because we only looked round it because our holiday plans got screwed up . We fell in love with the place and have been living happily in it for 10 years. May your new place give you as much fun!

  4. What a fantastic purchase! My family owned a static caravan in Scotland throughout my childhood so I appreciate how wonderful it is to be able to make a snap decision on a Friday evening to throw some essentials into the boot and drive off for a weekend in your holiday home. I’m sure you will be locals in no time and that Hugo will love those walks.

  5. Go you! Booking trips and buying ‘caravans’ is definitely more fun than job hunting. Although that is no caravan, it’s a second home. And jolly lovely. Well done you. we’re talking about getting a mobile home – think we’re all hitting a certain age?

  6. What a fab purchase! My aunt has a very similar one in Yorkshire (it used to belong to my great uncle, we had many happy holidays there as children!, but my aunt took it on when Great uncle wanted to sell and has since upgraded the van a couple of times). I’m sure you’ll have some great times there!

    1. I lived in a van until I was three. Have vague memories. But anyway the experience must have left me with a fondness for caravans. That and family caravan holidays in Scotland. X

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