Ullswater ~ Messing About On A Boat. ⛵🚢

At the weekend we drove over to Ullswater ( about 20 minutes from our caravan in the Northern Lakes) and then on to the pretty lakeside village of Glenridding. Here we hopped onto one of the beautiful Ullswater Steamers for a trip around the lake. Coincidentally the steamer service was celebrating its 160th Birthday! Colourful Bunting adorned these historic vessels and a grey morning turned into a lovely sunny day.

The steamers offer a hop on/ hop off service so we decided to dismount at Pooley Bridge for lunch. The newly painted Pooley Bridge Inn reminds me of a Swiss chalet. Ullswater itself flanked by Some of Britain’s highest mountains has been compared to the stunning lakes and mountains of Switzerland.

After a pootle about the village and Hugo’s obligatory paddle in the lake, we set back sail for Glenridding from Pooley Bridge Pier. The Steamers fleet has five vessels. It was our pleasure to travel back in M.Y Raven, she too was celebrating a Birthday, having been first launched on the 16th July 1889.

All the steamers have indoor and outdoor seating, toilets, serve coffee, teas and light refreshments and have fully licensed bars. Dogs are welcome onboard for a small charge.

I loved all the gorgeous wildflowers by the beck and the lake at Glenridding. Highlights were the swathes of vivid blue Vipers Bugloss and the sunshine yellow Monkey flowers.

Our lazy day on Ullswater finished with refreshments , sat outside The Glenridding Hotel which has a coffee shop called Let it Brew. I wasn’t really expecting such decadence when I ordered a milkshake. 😋

Thanks for bobbing by. Have you been messing about on boats lately?


22 thoughts on “Ullswater ~ Messing About On A Boat. ⛵🚢”

  1. On a boat as I write. A ferry actually. Six hour crossing from the mainland to Newfoundland. Europe is so progressive with their dog policies. My poor little mutt had a choice of staying in “her” camper or being locked in a room in a crate with a bunch of other terrified dogs. Bit of a no brainer actually. Hopefully she’ll sleep for the crossing and not panic at the horn. What a nice day you had 😊

    1. Oh I hope the crossing is smooth. You must be still on it. Hope Marty ( now I’m writing this I hope I’ve got her name right) is asleep in her camper. We were so pleased when we went to the Outer Hebrides on a calmac ferry from Skye, that dogs and their owners had their own lounge and dog friendly deck. For some reason I thought Canada would be more dog friendly than it appears to be in your posts. It’s only in the last five or six years that UK has caught up more with Europe. X

      1. No I don’t get it either. Dogs are not welcome anywhere. Many beaches too don’t want dogs. But I’m glad you were able to have Hugo with you. I think it’s so unfair to leave the dog in the vehicle or at home when we want to do things. Well behaved dogs should be welcome everywhere. They are part of the family. 😊

  2. It looks and sounds like you had a great day. My partner and I camped just outside Pooley Bridge a couple of times years ago, we had a great time there. I used to love messing about on boats, usually when Michael was younger and we had friends with a boat on the Broads, then when I was with my partner we hired boats ourselves several times -we even had our own boat at one time, a small canal cruiser. I always think that boats and water make a good subject for photos 🙂

  3. They do look great in photos, especially when the waters are calm and you see reflections. Have also camped at Pooley Bridge at Park Foot caravan & camping site. X

    1. That’s where we camped, we were in the field across the lane from the main site so had direct access to the lake – it was great for the dogs we had at the time 🙂

  4. If that was Sunday just gone I was up on the fells between Ullswater and Thirlmere and Several times looking down towards Ullswater I watched the steamers out on the lake. Perhaps I was looking down at you! 😂

      1. Well, not as difficult as it sounds. Once on top of the first fell it was just up and down a bit to go up the other 2. It was harder work coming down – gets the knees 😬

  5. An amazing day out & I do love the Lake District after visiting the first time in 1991. A day out on a boat in still waters is heaven & so good to see dogs accepted too. I once had an experience with a “drink” too. DH ordered me a deluxe hot chocolate which came with whipped cream & tiny marshmallows which drooled all down the sides of the cup. My mouth kept sticking to the cup & I must have looked funny as the lady at the next table couldn’t stop laughing. No more “deluxe” drinks for me, I stick to good old tea. BTW, that was at Holden Clough Nursery in the UK. Much stingier out here with marshmallows(giggle). Take care.

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