Enjoying Nature Along The River Wharfe, Yorkshire Dales.

My niece and nephew broke up for Summer last week so Hugo and I joined them and my sister for a wander along the River Wharfe. Our plan was to walk from Burnsall to Grassington , a pleasant riverside ramble. However we stopped so many times to admire butterflies, identify insects, look under stones for crayfish and watch waterbirds, that we didn’t make much headway on the timescale we had. Another time perhaps! However we had lots of fun along the way. I come from a nature loving family. ๐Ÿ™‚

My 8 year old neice Imogen says that we all have our own talents at identifying things. She is good at insects, Roman knows his reptiles & snakes ( we didn’t see any! ), Auntie Shaz ( me) can name most flowers ( though I might need my blogging friends to help with a couple ) and my sister’s speciality subject is dog breeds. Ok then!

Here are a few photos from our Wharfedale wander.

A lesser spotted Hugo at Hebden Suspension Bridge and Stepping stones.
Small Skipper on Yarrow.
White duck.
Hugo helping Imogen I D flowers.
Caterpillar of Peacock Butterfly.
Monkey Flower.
Harebells, Betony and Hawkweed.
Flowers galore.
Any ideas?
Common spotted orchid.
Not sure. I’ve had a look online and came up with Sand Garlic?
Common Grasshopper.
Rest – Harrow.
Would you cross the wibbly wobbly bridge or the stepping stones?
Nature Spotters.

Thanks to my sister for some of the photos. ๐Ÿ™‚


25 thoughts on “Enjoying Nature Along The River Wharfe, Yorkshire Dales.”

  1. Lovely to see so many nature spots and great that the niece and nephew are so keen! I would go across the bridge and then go over the stepping stones as well (why choose when you can do both?!) – but then I’d have to decided which one to take back across to continue the walk of course!

  2. Lovely pictures and isn’t it great when children are interested in the natural world. My grandson sent me some tiny pictures of bees he wanted identifying, it was hard going! I think though that was the Great spotted Hugo! I’d have opted for stepping stones. More fun and safer.

    1. Goodness, tiny pictures of bees. I can believe that could be hard work. I do love it when kids have an interest in wildlife. I did too as a child, then I went a bit boy mad, then going out mad, and didn’t revert back to normality until my thirties. I opted for the bridge, cause I thought that was safer…x

  3. It sounds like a lovely walk with so much nature along the way. It’s good that your niece and nephew enjoy things like that, too many kids these days are so busy texting or playing computer games that they miss seeing a lot of the natural world.

  4. Could the yellow flower be marsh marigold? The purply thing … can’t find sand garlic in my wildflower book – wild leek? Super pics (as usual!).

  5. What a lovely walk with your family. UK must be a floral wonderland at the moment, as there have been some wonderful posts come up on walks amongst flora & fauna of late. Thanks for sharing & take care.

  6. So pleased you did this walk, I did the very same walk on Tuesday (16) but I did manage to get all the way to Grassington, it did seem a bit longer than 3.1/2 miles. But it’s well worth it if you get to go again . The stepping stones across the river to St Michael’s at Linton, Nr Grassington is stunning.
    Burnsall has to be one of my favourite places , I just love the river, on the walk I was lucky enough to see Green Woodpeckers, you did really well with the flowers.
    Can’t just see all of the yellow flower, Common Rock Rose?
    So pleased you did this post.X

    1. Amanda we were looking for Green woodpeckers as I saw one a couple of years ago on this very same walk. We are going to go again and try to get to Grassington. It was amazing to see all the flowers and insects. Perhaps the flower is a common rock rose. I don’t think it’s leaves were anything like creeping Jenny or creeping cinquefoil, which I thought it could be. Thanks for the comment. X

  7. I learn so much about flowers from you. Roman looks to be the same size as you. How they grow! Looks like a lovely walk. I’d probably try the stepping stones but end up getting my feet wet lol xx

    1. I think he’s catching me up. I’m only five foot though so I should hope so really. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. I’m sure you could always swim across. Have you done any wild river swims? X

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