Chasing Butterflies at Salthill Quarry Nature Reserve.

My sister, niece and nephew have never seen six-spotted burnet moths before, so as I have spied them flying around my local nature reserve, we decided to take a trip to Salthill Quarry this morning. The weather here in the North West is hot and muggy, ideal it seems for butterfly spotting. Here is a small selection of what I managed to photograph, including the elusive and gloriously colourful Burnet Moths.

Brown Ringlet Butterfly.
Caterpillars ~ Are they Cinnabar or Six – Spotted Burnet Moths?
A bee like Hover fly.
Six-Spotted Burnet Moth.
Six-spotted Burnet Moth.
Common Grasshopper.
Meadow Brown Butterfly.
Female Common Blue Butterfly.
Male Common Blue Butterfly.
Small Skippers on Knapweed.

Whilst we were here we decided to use 15 minutes to take part in this year’s Big Butterfly Count. The idea is to note down what butterflies & moths you might see in your garden, local park, field or nature reserve and submit your findings online. It’s a nice way to spend a few minutes of your time and helpful to UK Butterfly conservation too. Here is what we saw.

Brown Ringlet – 4

Large White – 1

Small White – 2

Small Tortoiseshell ~ 1

Common Blue ~ 1

Six Spotted Burnet Moth ~ 4

Small Skipper ~ 6

There were other moths & butterflies too, some that we didn’t manage to photograph and from memory are finding hard to identify. Chasing Butterflies is a warm business, we decamped to a cafe for cooling icecream after. 😁

Will you be taking part in The Big Butterfly Count?

19 thoughts on “Chasing Butterflies at Salthill Quarry Nature Reserve.”

      1. The most common ones we see here are Monarchs, Coppers, Common Blues, Red Admirals and White butterflies. We have a lot of monarchs in the summer. One year, they overwintered on a tree at our local reserve. It was an amazing sight to see hundreds of them hanging from the branches of the tree. It only ever happened the one year though. Not sure why.

      2. Sounds like you have some similar butterfles. We do not have monarchs, maybe some rare visitors. They are stunning. Monarchs hanging from the branches of a tree must have been a phenomenal spectacle. X

  1. Lovely Shazza & we certainly don’t see as many lovely butterflies as when I was a child, though I did grown up in Sydney & not down here in Victoria, so may find out if that is the difference or whether they are just on the decline. Thanks for the post & take care.

  2. A lovely way to spend a morning out 🙂 I could never understand why some people, even though they like butterflies, don’t like moths – to me they are only a plainer version of butterflies anyway but even so, you can still find some colourful ones as this post shows 🙂

  3. I think the caterpillars are cinnabars. We have about 150 of them (or something very similar) devouring two dusty miller plants in our back garden and I saw their parents.

  4. Did several counts in my sister’s garden in Leicester yesterday – a good tally! Perfect conditions for butterflies. So relaxing/calming to sit and watch as they flutter by.

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