Hawthorns Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ July.

Kate’s words for July are Cluttered,Paddle, Pink, Starts with an E, Roof & My Own Choice.

Cluttered. Can I say this field is ‘cluttered with cows’ . Moo!

Paddle. Hugo is the main paddler in this household, though he meets his match down by the river. #doggypaddlers

Pink. Still loving this sculptural pavillion at NT Berrington Hall in Herefordshire. Who can resist a pink pineapple? 😃

Starts with E. Some might say this is E for Eccentric. 😃 Hugo was a guest at his doggy pals Birthday party recently.

Roof. I really like this house in the village of Melmerby with its clock tower and triangular roof.

My own choice. Beautiful Comma Butterfly spotted on this morning’s dog walk.

Thanks to Kate for organising as usual. X

14 thoughts on “Hawthorns Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ July.”

    1. Yes. It’s Kate’s scavenger hunt. I think she is having internet problems though, so we can’t see hers yet. Absolutely anyone can join in. She usually posts the words at the beginning of the month and anyone joining in publishes their interpretations on the last Friday of the month. X

  1. I think a ‘clutter of cows’ sounds much better than a ‘herd’ 🙂 I love the doggy birthday party and the pink pavillion 🙂

  2. Great photos Sharon & yes to the first as a “lot” of anything can look cluttered. I think the pink pineapple is amazing & although the roof is a great shape, I love the penny farthing bicycle. Have a great weekend & take care.

    1. Think the penny-farthing was probably painted yellow for the tour de Yorkshire ~ a bike race that sprung up after the success of the tour de France starting in Yorkshire, back in 2012. X

  3. Great photos. Like the doggy party for E for eccentric although the pink pineapple is rather eccentric too. A clutter of cows is a wonderful description and the roof is rather unusual:)

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