Hawthorn’s Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ September.

I am loving Kate’s words for September, they are giving this post a glowing Autumn vibe. If you would like to see more interpretations of the prompts that Kate chose , please pop over to her lovely blog.. ☺️

Cosy. Here is Simba the cat looking very cosy in his usual spot, on a table at the entrance of an Amsterdam restaurant. It was definitely his presence that attracted us there……..and the cheese!

Changing foliage. Autumn colours in Clitheroe town centre. After the glorious Indian Summer type weather we have recently experienced, it does feel more Autumnal now.

Scarf. I do actually have a recent photo of myself wearing a scarf. This was taken on Allonby Beach in Cumbria. In the distance you can make out Scotland, separated by the Solway Firth.

Baking. I’m not one for doing much baking ( as you can probably tell!) but this prompt did encourage me to bake this pear and ginger loaf cake. Hurrah! A recipe can be found here.

Cobweb. A misty Monday morning walk down by the river gave me ample opportunity to photograph cobwebs……….as there were thousands of them! It’s scary to imagine how many spiders are out there. 🕸️

My Own Choice. This was taken last night on a Bat Walk organized by the Ribble Rivers Trust. My niece and nephew with Bat Detectors. Bats love water apparently and trees ( especially in hedges and on the edge of woods) as both attract insects. They can eat up to a thousand pesky midges a night, as well as other insects and even small fish. The Bat detectors enable the human ear to listen into bat calls which are mostly too high pitched for us to hear. We were able to detect Common Pipistrelles , Noctules and Daubenton’s Bats ( water bats) with the help of the detectors. It was an amazing and fun experience. 🙂

Thanks for dropping by.

42 thoughts on “Hawthorn’s Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ September.”

    1. Haha, it was quite early on so was chilly but not to bad. It turned into a beautiful day.
      For some reason WordPress doesn’t want me to see people’s posts today, so I will check yours again later. X

  1. Yes, your post does look very autumnal. Love the coloured leaves & your story of the bat excursion. I’d love that, especially after my first time, patting a snake yesterday. Have a great weekend & take care.

  2. Love autumn cobwebs! They are so beautiful. We’ve got a few big spiders in the house – boys looking for girls at this time of year, apparently.

  3. We did, they are pretty amazing creatures. There’s a lot of untrue myths about bats we learnt. For example they don’t suck blood ( at least not in the UK), they aren’t blind and have better sight than humans ( so no truth in being as’ blind as a bat’ ) though they do rely more on their bat sonic echo location calls to find their pray, insects and even small fish. Plus they rarely get tangled in your hair if ever. That was more a rumour to put Victorian ladies off walking out in the evening. I like bats more now I know more about them. X

  4. Lovely photos and stories. Cute cat (and the cheese looks good!). We are lucky enough to have bats flying around our house. Good to think they eat midges! I am tempted by the pear and ginger recipe but my favourite is the cobweb.

    1. Simba the cat really did his job well, enticing customers into the restaurant. 😉
      Bats definitely gone up in my estimation after finding out they eat midges. X

  5. That pear and ginger cake looks so good! I am going to try that one for sure (although I’m not exactly sure what stem ginger in syrup is). Bats are also wonderful for eating mosquitos. Do you guys deal with those in the UK?

    1. Stem ginger is usually sold in a jar. Like cubes of ginger in syrup. Maybe it’s called something else in America? We do get mosquitoes when it’s hot but no where near as many as in hotter countries. Midges and Horse flies are more of a problem here. X

  6. I love the foliage photo, the contrast of the grey pavement and the colours of the leaves is really striking.

    Your cobweb photo is amazing, I saw lots like that too but the light was never right.

    I have always wanted to go on a bat walk but have never made it on one yet, they are fascinating but misunderstood creatures aren’t they.

    1. Thanks for the lovely comments. 🙂
      Bats are brilliant. The walks are a great idea and so informative. The Bat Detectors are definitely the best bit. X

    1. I saw the bat walk advertised on Facebook and it was done by the Ribble Rivers trust. Bats go into hibernation in October ( or whenever the temps get lower than ten degrees) but maybe October will stay mild and more bat walks may happen. X

  7. pear and ginger cake nom nom – thank you for the link and thank you for such lovely photos and stories 🙂

  8. Such lovely photos, Simba is adorable! Your cake looks delicious, I think I’ll have to try making it for the family. That web is amazing and the bat detectors look like fun!

    1. Thanks Christine. The Bat walk was really good. I hope you find one local to you. Also thanks for the book which I received today. And love the Autumnal postcard. Xx

  9. What lòvely pictures you have this month. Not heard of the last two types of bat. Simba was not only guarding the cheese but attracting customers to the shop. I think my favouritemust be those autumnal leaves. Gorgeous.

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