Books I Read In September & October.

I’ve now read 25 of the 40 books I set myself the challenge of reading in 2019. Not exactly on track. But importantly I’m still enjoying most of the books I’ve dipped into. I came by these via Wil, A Book Swap where a cash machine used to be, Wils Mum and a local supermarket. 📚

Wolf By Wolf ~ Ryan Graudin ( 2015). What if the Nazis had won the Second World War? This is a reimagining of just that, a world where Adolph Hitler has extended his tyranny beyond Europe, beyond 1945. Prisoners in death camps are experimented on in order to create a race of blue eyed blonds. And an arduous motorcycle race across the continents is created to celebrate Hitler’s Youth and bond with Japan, with whom they tentatively share power. Former death camp inmate Yael ( now a member of the resistance) is charged with winning the race and assassinating Hitler at the Victors ball, a seemingly impossible task. But Yael is a skin shifter , a result of the experiments she endured as a child. Just maybe , the impossible can be achieved. ⭐⭐⭐

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves ~ Karen Joy Fowler (2013). Rosemary doesn’t really speak about her siblings. Once she had a brother ( who ran away) and a sister ( who seemingly disappeared too) and it is not until some way into the book that we learn just what exactly has happened in this rather disfunctional family. Shocking, sad, moving and with witty moments too, this is definitely a thought provoking read. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Librarian Of Auschwitz ~ Antonio Iturbe ( 2019). Fourteen year old Dita is an inmate in the family camp at Auschwitz and here amongst the bleakest horrors, she takes charge of eight smuggled books, protecting and distributing them to her fellow prisoners. The books offer a tiny ray of hope in this desolate place, and Dita is risking all by doing what she does . What is most inspiring about this tale is that it is based on real characters. Dita Kraus is still alive today and educates the young about life in the concentration camps, determined that such attrocoties will never happen again. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Family ~ Louise Jensen ( 2019). If your in the mood for an absorbing psychological thriller with lots of twists and turns, this is definitely the book for you. When Laura and her daughter Tilly suffer an unimaginable loss, the only place they can turn to in the end is a local commune deep in the woods. Warmly welcomed by charismatic Alex and his band of followers , Laura and Tilly find sanctuary from their growing mountain of problems , at first. But here everyone has their own secrets, including Tilly and Laura. And secrets can really tear everything apart. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Any book recommendations?

27 thoughts on “Books I Read In September & October.”

  1. I’ve done 35 out of my planned 30. Very happy with that. I did it to try to broaden my reading a little bit (although I always come back to the Brontës). One of my favourite books this year has been Valencia and Valentine by Suzy Krause. I found it unexpectedly on Amazon First Reads and I loved it 🙂

    1. I have never joined a book group. I think of them as quite scary, talking in front of people about books. But maybe that’s not what happens? X

      1. I think it depends on the book group. Ours is more a wine drinking group that likes to read. There’s never any great literary analysis, no one minds if you don’t read the book and some people never read the book and just truck up for the social!

      2. Ha, sounds like my kind of Book Group. 🙂 Seriously, it’s nice that yours is such a social thing and doesn’t take itself to seriously. X

  2. I’ve read “We are all completely beside ourselves” and enjoyed it. I’m actually reading “The Jane Austen book club” by the same author at the moment! I’ve read it before, years ago, and saw the film too, but it came up as our book club choice this month. I do worry how those in the group who haven’t read, or don’t like, Jane Austen are going to get on with it. I think you really have to have a working knowledge of her books.

    1. Hi , although I think I must have watched lots of Jane Austen on film and TV ( even Sanditon, what did you think of the ending by the way??) , I have never actually read any of her books. Not sure whether I would find them hard going or not. I have also seen The Jane Austen Book Club film and enjoyed it. X

      1. I find them very amusing and have read them several times each. I couldn’t bring myself to watch Sanditon! I looked up the film of JA Book Club on IMDB when I started rereading the book and I think they must have taken a lot of discussion of the books out. It’s a long time since I saw it though.

      2. The ending of Sanditon was not a happy one. The characters did not end up with who you wanted them to end up with, apart from one character I didn’t much like, she improved over the series. It didn’t feel very Jane Austen! X

  3. I love to read but I am not sure I could manage that many books in a year, I read about one a month on average as I only read before going to sleep and sometimes only manage a page! I have wanted to read We are all completely beside ourselves for a while now, I have found it in the library a few times but each time I go to check it out it has been reserved for someone else, you have reminded me to go look again as I am really struggling to find fiction to read these days.

    I hear you on the book club thing, I would quite like to join one but not sure about the whole discussing thing.

  4. You gave yourself a huge challenge – but well done so far – and so glad it’s still enjoyable. I went to my bookclub this week and we were all bestowing the delight of reading books chosen by others that we might not have chosen ourselves yet we’ve really enjoyed. (We did one of yours – We are all completely beside ourselves – not one of my fave, have to say!) So, here’s one for you to take a look at – When All Is Said by Ann Griffin.

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