Hawthorns Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ November.

It’s Scavenger Hunt time again and the last of 2019. For more interpretations of Kate’s words for November , pop over to her blog here. 🙂

Seasonal ~ I have no clue what these blush pink berries are , but I thought they looked very seasonal on a drab November’s day, they really brightened up the front of these pretty cottages.

Ooops! ~ I guess it really would have been ooops if I had downed all these cocktails in The Alchemist in Leeds. But I didn’t, these were one each with friends. Soz, bad interpretation of the word..

Seashore ~ I loved the seashore on a visit to Allonby in Cumbria. As you can see it was very pebbley.

Card ~ A quick snap of some postcards I bought at The Tulip Museum Shop in Amsterdam.

Stripey/Striped ~ I knew I had a photo of something stripey on my phone. Gorgeous Zebras at The Ivy in Leeds.

My Own Choice ~ I’ve been envious of all the wonderful fungi pictures I’ve seen on Instagram this Autumn, so my own choice is some Candle Snuff Fungi I saw on a recent woodland walk.

Thanks for dropping by.

25 thoughts on “Hawthorns Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ November.”

  1. Lovely photos and stories – the white berries are from a Rowan – possibly the Sorbus cashmeriana. Thank you for joining in xx

  2. Glad others have identified your lovely pink berries; says me getting my books out! Nice photos and my favourite is the fungus one; I took find their shapes interesting but I know nothing about them other than not to eat any!

      1. No fieldfares today as of yet but then I did spot a Sparrowhawk in a tree so that might explain the total absence of all birds from my garden!

  3. Lovely photos & those berries are so delicate in colour. I thought Sorbus, but certainly wouldn’t have been able to identify any further. Love the fungi & never seen any like it here in Oz. Take care & have a great weekend.

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