Skipton Castle Woods and The Kibble Coffee House & Bakery.

The weather in my hometown of Clitheroe in Northern England today was foggy, wet and grey so we decided to pop over the Lancashire border to Skipton in the drizzly Yorkshire Dales. A planned walk up Pendle Hill has been postponed ( I admit I was a teeny bit relieved! ) until a less misty day.

My other half hadn’t seen the newish ( 12 months old) willow sculptures in Skipton Castle Woods ,so I suggested we blow off the cobwebs with a walk there. I have blogged about the Sculptures previously, but it’s nice to share their beauty with you all again. It was Hugo’s first sight of them too. 😁

After our walk and a nosy round some shops we were ready for lunch. I thought we could treat Hugo ( and ourselves! ) to dinner at The Kibble Bakery on Sheep Street. When we arrived it was completely empty of customers so I quickly took a few photos, it was busy with both hounds and humans by the time we left.

The Kibble Bakery & Coffee House is a bright and cosy ( and very dog friendly) cafe. It is run by a mother and daughter team who as well as making and baking delicious food for humans, make and bake for our four legged friends too. Hugo sampled a cheesy pup biscuit, I wish I could tell you he tasted the flavour but being a greedy Labrador , he wolfed it down in seconds…..

On our way home from Skipton we had a bit of a walk down the canal side at East Marten, but the weather had changed for the worst , so no more pictures. Six miles done though so making a good start to the #walk1000miles challenge I’m joining in with again this year. 2019 I managed just over 1900 miles so a big improvement on 2018s 1600 + miles. Although I’m very happy with the mileage done, I know I’m still terribly unfit. Put a hill in front of me and I nearly die. The only remedy to that though is of course practice! And more fells, hills and mountains. So my aim for this year is not to improve my mileage, but to improve my chances of getting up a hill. Wish me luck! 😅


28 thoughts on “Skipton Castle Woods and The Kibble Coffee House & Bakery.”

    1. The woodland makes for a lovely little walk. It’s looked after by The Woodland Trust. Looks lovely in the spring when the wild Garlic and bluebells are out. X

  1. I have problems with gravity too – put a walk in front of me and I can potter on for some miles with ease, but add a hill and I struggle!

  2. I have been to Skipton Castle but have not explored the grounds. It is a really easy place for me to get to so I think we will be returning to see the sculptures. The cafe looks lovely.

  3. Well you beat me on the mikeage. I clocked in 1065 and thought I’d done well. Mind you I don’t count every step, excluding “everyday” mileage and only counting “boots on” and “urban walks” miles. But I was pleased with the total – and I did manage a few hills!
    With a little determination I’m sure you’ll bezipping up a few mountains in 2020 😉

  4. Haha, thanks. Hopefully! I think it’s because I walk everywhere as I don’t drive. Luckily my other half does at least. Plus having a dog gets you out everyday whether you like it or not. I’m not sure i would be so motivated if we didn’t have Hugo. So you did amazingly well!

  5. You crossed the border??? Yikes!
    I can’t really say anything though, if I am honest, as my granny was from Skipton.
    Hugo is adorable and the Kibble bakery looks great. I grew up with Labradors and know that expecting them to eat slowly and savour their food is a bit much 😉

    1. Ha yes I’m sure he doesn’t actually really taste anything. Always hungry though! Skipton is a great place to visit. Lots of wildflowers in the woods come Spring.

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