Sunday Sevens ~ Sun 19th January 2020.

I’m joining in with Sunday Sevens devised by Natalie at Threads & Bobbins. Simply seven ( or more photos) from my week.

An evening with Sir Ran.

Last wknd we ended up going to see a talk by The Greatest Living Explorer ‘ Sir Ranulph Fiennes ‘ in Kendal. We were offered the tickets when Wils sister in law couldn’t go.Β  Thanks Carol for thinking of us!
We have seen Sir Ranulph before. The fetes he has achieved in exploration are Epic. Plus he is really funny with a very dry sense of humour. Definitely an interesting evening.


Tapas. ❀️
We found a fab little place for Tapas in Kendal called Comida which I can heartily recommend.

And I liked the mushroom prints in Fell Bar in the town.


Windswept Hugo.

Last Sunday we went a walk up Pendle Hill which is our local place for windswept walks. Hugo enjoys his ears flapping in the breeze. I kept mine covered under a woolly hat!

Yesterday was Wils 50th Birthday. We went out with friends in Clitheroe and there are more mini celebrations planned throughout the year.

Glider plane. ( Instagram).

The pets have got Wil a glider plane flying lesson for his birthday. They have a bit of an evil streek!

I won a book in a Facebook page Like & Share competition. Love the cover illustration. Has anyone read The Deathless Girls?

Thanks for dropping by. ❀️


24 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens ~ Sun 19th January 2020.”

  1. Saw an interview with Sir Ranulph Fiennes on TV once. He said he wouldn’t have Yorkshiremen on his exhibitions because they were miserable. As a loyal Lancastrian I’ll have to second that πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Birthday Will, how clever to have a year long celebration. The book looks lovely, not heard of it so look forward to your review. The srooms are lovely.

  3. I’ve seen Sir Ranulph’s wife on the telly – very long suffering πŸ™‚ Although I suspect she’s very proud of him and he probably gets under her feet when he’s home.
    Belated Happy Birthday to Wil. Good to know I’m not the only one who coerces their pets into buying me presents.

  4. The South Easter is blowing really hard, at gale force, as is normal for summer in Cape Town, but don’t believe I’ve ever seen a dog with windswept ears before!

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