Photo An Hour ~ February 2020.

Hello, I haven’t done much blogging recently due to the weather and a persistent cold ( now happily on the way out) , so I thought I would join in with Janey and Louisa’s #photoanhour challenge on Instagram. Here is a photo taken every hour on a rainy Saturday in February.

8am ~ A bed full of pets. Hugo snuck up to wake us up this morning. Slinky sleeps upstairs anyway.

9am ~ After trying to sleep in we are up and Wil oven baked the Tesco frozen almond croissants from the freezer. A yummy breakfast.

10am ~ Out and about with Hugo in blustery wet conditions.

11am ~ That was a battle of a walk! Discovered my waterproof pants have given up and I’m sodden. We are back home and these are the snowdrops in the back yard.

Noon ~ Changed the bedding and no sooner had I done it……..

1pm ~ Tomato and 3 bean soup for lunch.

2pm ~ A few errands in town.

3pm ~ Half hearted attempt to tidy some drawers.

4pm ~ Just a chillin type of day really. Closed the curtains and shut the world out.

5pm ~ Hugo is also chilling.

6pm ~ Made Tuna pasta bake for tea.

7pm ~ Watching the film Dunkirk for the first time. Enjoyed it. My favourite characters must have been the father and son team who went out in their little boat to rescue allied troops, and of course Tom Hardy’s brave pilot.

8.15pm ~ But watching Dunkirk made me completely forget about my Saturday Night Guilty Pleasure! At least I caught the last 15 minutes of ‘The Masked Singer Final’ and saw Hedgehog & Queen Bee revealed…..

9pm ~ Bought this lovely candle earlier in town. Watched a bit more telly before bed.

Hope you are keeping safe in the stormy weather.


26 thoughts on “Photo An Hour ~ February 2020.”

    1. It was quite relaxing yes, I would have preferred some sunshine though. But beggars can’t be choosers, got away with calm weather compared to lots. X

    1. Haha, actually Alison , Hugo loves the rain. He was pulling a bit so he could get off lead once we arrived at a field. He will go out in all weathers, it’s me that’s reluctant. 🙂 X

  1. Cats always love a clean bed don’t they? One of ours used to try and help when we were changing it too, we used to throw the duvet over her and she loved it. Super photos of your day:)

  2. Great photos on such a wet blustery day. It’s sometimes hard to know what to do when the weather is like that. We had another storm this arvo, but it least it didn’t flood the garage this time, as it did on Friday. It did happen to interupt my recording of Antiques Roadtrip, which it did in the last storm as well. Sun’s now trying to shine. Oh, this weird weather!!! Love your Slinky & Hugo & I do so miss having any pets. Your tuna/pasta bake looks yummy. Hope this week sees some better weather for you & take care.

  3. I love the photo of Hugo and Slinky snuggling up in your bed. I have cats in my bed every night, though not the same cats in the morning as were there when I went to sleep. I sometimes feel like I’m the intruder 😁. Hope you haven’t been badly affected by the weather. I grew weary of mopping muddy paw prints, so I gave up. That minor inconvenience was nothing compared with the horrors that some people have endured over the last two weekends.

    1. Ahh, muddy pawprints. Yes they are everywhere! Though I have a Home Is Muddy Paws sign , which makes me worry less about it. Very fortunate not been to badly affected by the weather, let’s hope these storms are on their way out. I like it when the pets are snuggled on the bed too, though does make less room for humans! X

    1. It feels like we are having rain every single day. It’s just so soggy! My cold is definitely on the way out, let’s hope we both suffer no more! X

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