Spring !

Spring Lambs.

Getting out and about in the fresh air is one of my greatest pleasures. I’m just thankful it’s something I’m still able to do in these strangest of times. Happily the sun has decided to shine this weekend so I took my camera on some local walks.

Coltsfoot flowers and leaves can be dried and used to make a tea that gives relief from coughs and congestion apparently.
Grey Squirrel
Female Blackbird.
The primrose is the ‘ first rose’ of Spring.
Feral Pigeon.
Cherry Blossom.
Pussy Willows.
Dogs Mercury.
Blackthorn. The blossom arrives before the leaves.
Daffodils with Pendle Hill in the very distance.

Thanks for stopping by. Stay safe and well. ❤️

31 thoughts on “Spring !”

  1. Beautiful photos! We took the motorbike up to Tyndrum today, which was wonderful and a real escape from the c-word. Stay safe, both!

  2. Great photos, I like the squirrel, the goldfinch and the last shot. The weather has been glorious this weekend hasn’t it, I’ve been out myself today 🙂

    1. Thanks Eunice. Yes lots of dry weather in-store for us. One of thegood things about having a dog is we definitely get to go out for walks everyday as long as we are well. X

  3. What a lovely bevy of Spring photos!! Thank you. Trying times indeed & our blogging community is definitely coming to the fore with lots of photos & trying to stay up beat. Take care, stay safe & hugs.

  4. Gorgeous pics of flowers, and those lovely lambs. Here in the Southern hemisphere we’re going into autumn – my surroundings are dry, bleached and dusty. The winter rains can’t come soon enough. More lovely green pics, please?

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