Life Lately.

How are you doing? How are you coping with this new kind of lifestyle? At the moment everything feels all kinds of surreal, though I suspect at some point it is going to feel like the norm…

Currently I am not working ,though my other half is as he is classed as a Key worker. So we are not getting under each others feet and still getting on fine. 🙂 I have signed up as a community volunteer to buy essentials for the elderly, vulnerable and those in self isolation. Should keep me busy!

Sunshine on Celandines. 🙂

I am so glad we are still able go on local walks. Luckily I live a walkable distance from fields and flowers. Spring is certainly just getting on with it. New blooms appear almost every day.

Wood Anemones.
Hugo cooling off.

Having a pet means exercise is still very much on the agenda. I am so glad that touchwood, I am in good health. I don’t want to think about self isolation when we have an energetic pooch to walk.

One of the nice things about our walks is that everyone always says hello these days,though from a distance of course… 🙂

Books! Books! Books!

Last weekend before the libraries shut, I was able to take out this big pile of reading material. Overdue fees do not apply, as who knows how long it will be before they reopen. I was actually allowed to pick out up to thirty books, but I couldn’t carry that many. 😁

Here are a few things I’ve watched recently.

Le Man’s 66 ~ Rented off BT TV. True story about how Ford pitted itself against Ferrari in the Le Man’s 24 Hour Car Race. Set in 1966 , Christian Bale stars as unpredictable racing driver Ken Miles. ⭐⭐⭐

The Favourite ~ Dvd from Charity shop. Lavish debauchery in Queen Anne’s court as Rachel Wiez and Emma Stones coniving cousins battle it out to be the Queens favourite. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Malory Towers ~ Free on BBC I Player. Enid Blyton’s Mallory Towers novels have been turned into a delightful BBC adaptation. Get lost in lacrosse matches, midnight feasts, sea bathing and ghostly apparitions. Pure nostalgia. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Extra Ordinary ~ Free on Netflix. Zainy Irish horror comedy about a driving instructor with supernatural abilities. ⭐⭐⭐

ZombieLand Double Tap ~ Rented off BT TV. Not quite as good (but still fun!)Sequel to Zombieland. Thankfully we don’t have to shoot zombies when we go outside, just avoid humans. 😅 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

So there you have it. Let me know how your getting on and how your keeping occupied/cheerful.

Stay well. x

44 thoughts on “Life Lately.”

  1. G;ad you’re well. Very strange times we’re living through. It’s a challenge adapting to working from home but I’m luckier than most so I’m not complaining. I also don’t miss my commute to work so one positive at the moment is that I get a bit of a rest from that 🙂 x

  2. That’s a good pile of books you’ve got there Shaz.
    I’m been stuck working at home converting a one week face to face course to run over the Interweb this coming week. It’s been a lot of work and I’ve had to spend a good part of the weekend on it too. So I won’t be drawing breath until next weekend. Which is good as it’s taken my mind off other things. Did manage to get out for a few shortish local walks. Thank goodness for the Plantations.
    Good to see you volunteering. We need to look after each other in these difficult times
    Keep safe

    1. Your workload sounds intense, but like you say , it’s keeping you busy. Good luck with it. And keep visiting the Plantations. Stay well. 🙂

  3. Such a weird type of normal for the foreseeable future……..Being in our 70’s now, they are saying here in Oz, we should be in self-isolation & although we’ve not been anywhere for a few weeks now, I’m wondering about our local daily walk & will have to find out more, though you get such mixed views/messages, especially through the media. As I type this I’m looking at a small pic of The Singing Ringing Tree & am longing for normality & knowing one day I might just get to Blighty again.(sigh).
    Our library must have closed nearly 4 weeks ago. Today will be my first try at doing my grocery shopping on-line….wish me luck? Take care, stay safe & huggles.

    1. Good luck Susan with your online shop. I would love to go see the Singing Ringing tree right now. But will have to make do with my photos too. Take care. Xx

  4. Glad to hear you’re well. It’s almost hard to believe how drastically life has changed in such a short space of time. I loved the Mallory Towers series, read them over and over as a child, will definitely watch the adaptation over the next few weeks. Take care. X

    1. Thank you and you too. I remember reading the books but can’t really recall the storylines. However the series is lovely and although set after the war, gives positive messages that girls can do anything, which is fab. Enjoy! X

  5. Glad to hear that you’re safe and well so far. I’m similar to you in that I live only a short walk from fields and moorland so dog walking hasn’t really changed much so far. I noticed when I went in my local Asda yesterday that the book section was looking rather depleted – there must be an awful lot of reading going on now we have this crisis!

    1. It’s so handy having nice walks locally, we are both very fortunate in that way Eunice. I have definitely read more than usual this month! Take care. X

  6. Well done for volunteering, there’s been three quarter of a million who have signed up which is amazing. I’d like to sign fir that, or one of our similar local community schemes, but I’m at home with the kids as my wife is a key worker. I’m on my third book since lockdown, I expect to get through a lot 😀 I reckon this is going to last until at least June. Can’t see the kids returning to school until September. Think I’m going to have to introduce a routine to get through this!

    1. Being in charge of the kids is definitely a big thing. Definitely admire parents who are doing the educating! Good luck and hope your all doing ok. X

  7. We are both working from home but in separate rooms so I don’t see much more of Jan than before 😂.

    We went for a walk on Saturday and there were so many people on the field near where we live that I actually felt bad for being on it as well. I dread to think what the woods in the other direction looked like!

    1. I’m kind of glad Wil and I are not stuck in together. It was bad enough at the wknd tidying out the understair cupboard with him. 😉
      Hope you find a quiet walk. Lots of nearby fields here thankfully. X

  8. Glad you’re doing well. Lovely post! I’ve been doing lots of reading too in these very strange times and got a couple of those ones in my to-read pile too! Hadn’t heard of the BBC Mallory Towers but sounds great, will definitely give it a watch, thank you very much. Take care of yourselves 😊

    1. I think the Mallory Towers was pushed forward so people could watch it. I tried to save one episode a day but didn’t manage it. 🙂 X

  9. Glad to hear that you are doing ok, and finding ways to fill your time now that we are not to go unless it is an essential journey. I too am glad that we are able to take a daily walk and hope that continues to be the case!

  10. Well done on the volunteering. I’ve been grounded too and David is working from home. It’s going to be a struggle for us folk who enjoy just hitting the road for a swim/walk but hopefully it won’t be forever. Keep in touch xx

      1. I had planned on a wild swim before all this quarantine but the weather was against me and it was too windy. If I really need a cold water fix I will be topping up the bath with cold water! A paddling pool is a good idea 🙂 xx

  11. Glad to hear that you are keeping well. Spring is definitely keeping me occupied and constant photos of lambs are being taken. Along with the daffodils dancing in the wind, spring is definitely keeping my spirits up. We could just do with some more sunshine!

  12. Glad you are keeping well and I hope the volunteering goes well too. Good that you have a local walk you can take Hugo on for exercise. Lots of books to read and things to watch. I saw a note about Mallory Towers somewhere I may give it a go. Thanks for the lovely photos:)

  13. Glad you are all doing well, we are also fine. John is working at home and seems to spend most of his days in video conferences. I’ve confined him to the dining room, so that doesn’t get in my way! Once he’s finished we go out for our daily walk. I thought about volunteering but decided looking out for my mum and a couple of friends in their 70s is enough. I’m really grateful to those of you who do though, because if we get sick we might have to find volunteers to help mum, so I understand how important it is. I enjoyed Michelle Obama’s book, though I read it at intervals because I got fed up holding it all the time, it was so heavy! Fortunately, I knew the story so didn’t have any trouble picking it up again 😉.

    1. It’s good that you guys are keeping busy. That daily walk is the highlight of my day. 🙂 Volunteering is going well. I mostly do shopping but today I am doing someone’s washing. I hope nothing shrinks or the colours don’t run. I am not a domestic Goddess. 😉 Michelle Obama book looks good, though is quite big. Have started off with some shorter reads. X

  14. I’m actually really enjoying the current situation!! Ok, the loss of freedom isn’t the best and I do miss popping into the supermarket whenever I fancy something or need something but overall, I’ve loved working from home and the enforced time at home is giving me much needed time to catch up on other things, reading included! I was working from home up to yesterday but as of today am a furloughed worker, so for a month or two I’m getting 80% of my usual pay for doing absolutely nothing and can’t believe my luck!!

    It sounds like you are making the most of the time off! I haven’t watched anything on TV for months and we have so much TV to catch up on as well as a loaf of films so I’m hoping we might get to do some of the at over the next couple of months!

  15. I’m so glad to be able to still get out to witness the spring flowers appearing and the birds being busy in the trees. Handy to have some watching recommendations.

  16. We’re running out of books- help! Beg, borrow and stealing at present because we don’t own a Kindle. 😦 Ok aside from that. Local lanes to walk in but the beaches are out of bounds. 😦 Roll on summer!

    1. Oh are they really, but I suppose that’s because they are so tempting for everyone. I am really missing the sea. We have a trip to Northumberland booked in may, can’t see it happening. 😦

  17. That’s very good of you to volunteer. And you’ve been plenty of reading to keep you occupied in between times. Was Mallory Towers good then? I absolutely loved the books when I was a child…

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