Early April ~ Wildflowers On A Walk.

We are quite lucky in our small town that we are within easy walking distance of countryside. The river Ribble is best followed on foot if you want to spy the wildflowers that are springing up everywhere. Wildlife just keeps calm and carries on. 🙂

River Ribble towards West Bradford Bridge.
Marsh marigolds often to be found near water. They are also called King Cups.
Pretty in pink Cuckoo Flowers herald the return of Spring…and the Cuckoo. Also called Ladies Smock and milkmaid.
Lots of Butterbur on the Riverside. In the past its large heart shaped leaves were used to wrap butter.
Primroses, Wood Anemone and Celandines.
Although some people have spotted otters here in Clitheroe, I have never seen a real one locally. Keep hoping!
Colts Foot.
Dog Violets. 🙂
Pied Wagtail. There were a few darting round the river.
Wood Anemone. Saw lots of these bonnie white flowers carpeting woody areas.
Just too pretty not to photograph. Snakes Head Fritillaries in a front garden on the way home.

This walk was yesterday’s. What wildlife have you spotted recently?


38 thoughts on “Early April ~ Wildflowers On A Walk.”

  1. Love the snakes head flower!! We just got another six inches of snow yesterday but signs of spring are here—the crows, geese and gophers are back—although I suspect with the snow the gophers have just gone back to sleep for a bit. Next up, if the snow ever melts, are the wild crocuses. I really feel for people stranded in the cities. Here on the farm we can get out and about as much as we want (but we aren’t locked down like you in GB). Stay safe!!

    1. It’s crazy that you have snow again. Your summers do seem really short too! The worse thing about all this situation for me is not being able to plan anything, that’s just me being selfish though..

  2. Lovely photos of Spring flowers, as you say Spring carries on regardless and it is wonderful to see. Yesteday on our half hour walk, close to home, we saw a skylark fly up from its nest in the grass and heard the joyous song of both robin and thrush as we walked:)

  3. One upside, if there is an upside of the current situation is that those of us lucky enough to be in the countryside can get out there every day in the daylight. It’s a great time to observe small birds, with no leaves on the trees. The birdsong seems to change every day. My current favourite is Treecreepers of which I have seen many.

  4. I’ve seen quite a few spring flowers over the past week or so and am hearing chiffchaffs every time I go out for a walk now – plus lots of woodpeckers drumming! Also noticing a lot more early morning bird song.

    Lovely photos from your walk.

    1. Love seeing any water birds particularly swans. There is one , who doesn’t seem to have a mate yet, that appears on the Ribble from time to time. X

  5. Such pretty wildflowers, I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite, but it’s lovely to see the Lady’s Smock which I’m going to miss seeing this Spring. The river level looks quite low, did it flood badly during the storms? Take care.

    1. Hi thank you, it flooded a little but no way near as bad as a lot of places. It’s definitely got low recently as we have had very little rain. Today saw lots of marsh marigolds which were lovely to see. 🙂

  6. Love these photos! I love the wild anemone as they remind me of the sea 😊. You’re so lucky to have such beautiful countryside to escape to in these times! Great blog x

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