Sunday Sevens 12th April 2020.

How has your week been? Mine hasn’t been too bad considering. Along with a few volunteer shops ( I have a couple of regulars now which is nice) ,I’ve been trying to vary my local walks with Hugo as much as possible. We are lucky to live in a town surrounded by countryside. The ever expanding house building seems to have stopped for now, so plenty of places to explore within walking distance. Anyway here are a few pics from the last 7 days.

Love this little bridge. Though had to get Hugo in the brook here after he started rolling in something suspect. Luckily some doggy paddles in the deep parts got rid of whatever it was!
This was a hot afternoon walk. See Pendle Hill in the distance.

I’ve actually baked more in the last week than in the last year! Your wondering how I got hold of flour….Well I found a stash in the back of the cupboard that I must have bought yonks ago. Now that I’m actually baking, I’m going at it like the clappers. With varying results…..

Rock cakes turned out well. My friend Lisa sent me the recipe. ❀️
Brownie was like a flat splat. Not great. 🀣
Choc chip Banana Bread a success! Very yummy. 😘

Wil has this weekend off work so that’s been nice. We’ve watched quite a few films recently, my favourites being the fabulous Daniel Craig Who Done It Knives Out and the quirky independent film The Peanut Butter Falcon.

Knives Out Fan Art off Pinterest.

We had bought some paint to paint the shed up at the caravan. But as we won’t be visiting there for a while, Wil is on a roll with sprucing up our back yard. Voila our new looking blue yard shed.

Eating out by the shed.
Easter Bunny visited. ❀️

The Easter Bunny still visited! He must be classed as a key worker. 😘

Thanks for dropping by. Stay safe. X


35 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens 12th April 2020.”

  1. Love the little chocolate bunny πŸ™‚ I could never eat something so cute, I would feel too guilty 😦
    Would you do me a favour please and pop over to my Friday’s book review post – I’m sure it’s your blog where I first saw it mentioned but can’t seem to find it on here and it’s bugging me. Was it on here a while ago?

    1. Popped to your blog and nope it wasn’t me. Sounds like something I would very much like to read though. Couldn’t resist the chocolate bunny, ears first I’m afraid. 😜

      1. Just spent ten minutes trying to locate bread flour online, but not had much luck.

  2. Well done on the baking front. Might just send you my favourite brownie recipe. Your local walks look lovely & I’m taking my camera with me more now too. This all seems so surreal & I’m even blogging more this month so far. The shed looks good Will. Take care, stay safe and huggles.

  3. It looks a lovely seven days! Such a pretty bridge. Wonderful cooking – haven’t had a rock bun since my Nan made them years ago – my mouth is watering! I have been varying walks too, not quite so picturesque near me so no photos. Have to say though I am coming to appreciate what is local around me – pretty cherry blossoms in many gardens, some interesting architecture I usually miss whilst driving past. Happy Easter – hope the chocolate lasts more than the weekend!

    1. Yes there are lots of cherry blossom trees in gardens in Clitheroe too. Looking beautiful right now. You will have to try making some rock buns ,case if they are as good as your Nans. X

  4. Great seven, love the blue shed and the Easter bunny. Your baking looks good too, I must make some rock buns:)

  5. The Easter bunny came here too – very early! I’m envious of your baking My oven stopped working yesterday, so that’s a new heating element on order. I hope it arrives soon. I have a chocolate brownie mix (bought when flour was sold out) calling out to me.
    Stay well. X

  6. I have been able to walk some footpaths no covered since childhood from home. Including a few diversions into local woodland. But missing getting down to the Solent and the sea. Stay safe.

    1. I would love to see the sea right now! But yes I have rediscovered a few local walks and even joined on to a completely new one today. πŸ™‚

  7. We are both so lucky to have good dog walks in walking distance. Well done on the baking. Fortunately I have flour at the back of my cupboard, as it’s Hubby’s birthday this week, so I have a cake to make. Love the blue of the shed!

  8. Sounds like you’re enjoying lockdown! I’m loving it – I’m always wishing for more time so this feel like a gift, haha! We’ve made a (very small) start on weeding the garden – we’ve not touched it for two whole years so things are looking pretty bad out there at the moment! I’ve also managed to get a bit of gluten free flour (Dave can’t eat wheat) so I’m hoping to get a bit of baking done soon too – that’s something I never normally do!

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