Lockdown Visitors.

We are all spending so much more time at home right now, an ideal opportunity to look out for lockdown visitors to our gardens and yards. I have a small yard that backs onto a neighbor’s garden. I think that’s where all my visitors come from to be honest. ๐Ÿ˜

The bluetits are big fans of the coconut.
A thrush who sometimes tries to smash snail shells on the ground, to get at the snails inside. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
A little wood mouse visitor who cleans up after the birds.
Though next doors cat now knows where Mr Mouse appears from.

This Great Tit is collecting nesting material ~ Hugo’s dog hair!
Nesting materials.

Anyone who doesn’t have a dog, I can recommend buying this cute hessian bag of herdwick’s sheep wool from Parma Violet, which Birds love to use in their nests. I bought one for my sister who has had a duck visitor collecting the wool.

Female Blackbird on the gate.
Visiting wood pigeon.
My most prolific guests are the house sparrows who regularly feed on fat balls.
Male & female House Sparrows.
A jackdaw swings on the bird feeder. Definitely creator of the most mess!

Other birds I have seen in the yard ( but haven’t yet managed to photograph) are starlings, a goldfinch and a wren.

Who have you noticed visiting during lockdown?

Do you have more birds & animals coming into your garden now?

Let me know in the comments. ๐Ÿฆ†

38 thoughts on “Lockdown Visitors.”

  1. Some interesting visitors you have there, I love the mouse. We have a nest of mice under a stone and Jess my dog keeps trying to get under it. Im trying to give them a little chance of a life. I find it really hard to photograph wrens as they move so quickly!

    1. Remy the cat from next door sits on the wall all the time now, that’s where the mouse emerges from. I think the mouse has got wise, haven’t seen it for a few days. It’s crazy here with Hugo the dog going mad every time he sees Remy ( even though Hugo has his own cat sister) and Remy always sitting in wait for the mouse. Hope Jess forgets about your mouse family. X

  2. Glad you managed to get a pic of your little wood mouse. So cute! Another lovely blog Shazza! Not in the garden, but not far away, actually managed to see Mr & Mrs Blackcap and Mr & Mrs Stonechat. Maybe lockdown is making us take the time to look closer?

    1. I think so, there’s plenty of time now to take in the wildlife. Stonechats are such colourful birds. Have you seen them in gorse bushes, whenever I have seen them that’s where they hang out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have more birds visiting due to it being nesting time. I’ve seen the usual goldfinches, blue tits and pigeons, but now I’ve spotted several sparrows and a busy great tit who was fluttering about the ivy looking for spiders. David is also feeding a herring gull who comes to our wall looking for cat food Artie doesn’t want ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    1. You will have to do a lockdown visitors post Christine. That’s fab about the Gull, nice that Artie is sharing his food. ๐Ÿ™‚ X

  4. Lovely Sharon & how lucky with some of those photos. I don’t always capture them, but maybe I’m just too slow. I showed birds on my last post too, but not quite like any of yours. (giggle). I’m glad you are enjoying your wildlife visitors. Take care,stay safe & huggles.

  5. That little mouse is so cute! I have a little robin in my garden who sings at me when he wants me to move so he can look for worms where I’ve been digging, and looks at me pointedly when the little bird bath is empty, he’s had a baby and bought him to see me in the garden too ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Haha, well the jackdaws are too big to be swinging on the bird feeder. But they are very handsome birds. Your blog is never a mess! ๐Ÿ˜

  6. You’ve had some interesting and photogenic visitors. We have lots of local cats visit now we no longer have ours and it’s lovely to see them. We have more or less the same birds visit us too, we get a bullfinch visit daily to take seed back to its nest ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Your photographs are lovely.
    I seem to get fewer and fewer visitors to the garden these days. I suspect Mog may have something to do with this. X

    1. Yes the cats can be off putting. My own cat Slinky tends to stay indoors , her own choice as she’s a bit of a scaredy cat. But Remy from nextdoor thinks our yard is her territory now. X

  8. We have cats. Well, the rest of my family have cats, so I’ve stopped putting out bird food. We seem to have lots of Wood Mice of whom the cats are taking a heavy toll. We’ve had Sparrows in the hedge this year which is great. When I was young they were everywhere, but they are much less ubiquitous these days.

    1. Luckily still lots of sparrows here. They are very pretty birds when you look at their markings. Lots of cat visitors. Our shed roof is on their route. Fortunately they don’t seem to be after the birds. But Remy is definitely staking out the mouse. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      1. Ours seem to be more interested in mice at preset. Maybe I should cautiously try a bird feeder again.

  9. Great photos! There are a lot of trees in neighbouring gardens so I always hear more than see a lot of birds in spring and summer. I have noticed over the past week the same two birds on my lawn at roughly the same time each evening, searching for worms. I feel a mixture of pleasure at seeing them so close but fear that one of my cats will attack them if he gets the chance. I was watching them through the window today and willing them to fly off because I knew he was in next door’s garden. I opened the door, hoping the sound would scare them, which it did, and when I stepped out I saw one of my other cats lazing in a chair, not remotely interested in them. I don’t know why they, and other birds, have suddenly become so bold, strolling around happily on the grass. Perhaps the dry weather is making it harder to find worms and they are having to be braver than usual.

    1. Your cat must be well fed and entertained , I love that he/she was lazing around in a chair. My cat is a proper scaredy cat when it comes to being outside , though she did join us out there for a little while yesterday aft, as we and the dog were zonked out after our walk. xx

  10. I love watching the birds too. Lots of nesting material from our Harry, plus I cut hubby’s hair in the garden at the weekend! :-O – wonder what the birds will make of that?

  11. A lovely post! This is the first time I’ve really had time to actually notice what visits our garden regularly. We’ve even had a hedgehog this year, I think for the first time. Never seen signs of one before but I found what I was sure was hedgehog poo about 6 or 7 weeks ago,,, I didn’t really believe it until we sat around the fire a few days ago and a hedgehog came calling whilst we were out!

    1. You should get one of those night time cameras for your garden, like Rosie the blogger. You might be surprised at what visitors you get, especially in your beautiful part of the world. X

  12. What a lovely set of visitors you have had. My visitors are very similar. We have lots of Sparrows here too and mice clearing up after the birds. We also have rooks, crows, blackbirds, greenfinches, bullfinches and coal tits. It is lovely to be able to spend the time watching them isn’t it?

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