Book Shops And Book Clubs In Films. 📖

If your missing meeting up and discussing all things bookish ( and sharing a few bottles of wine! ) with your book group right now or browsing in your local book shop, maybe you can live vicariously through these films.

You’ve Got Mail ( 1998). In this romantic comedy the owner of a chain bookstore falls in love by email with the owner of a small independent bookshop around the corner. Neither realises that their online pen pals are actually their real life business rivals. Starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Watch on Netflix.

The Book Shop ( 2017). In a village in the 1950s a young widow ( Emily Mortimer) dares to open a book shop and faces opposition from disapproving locals. This slow burner is a study of how hard it can be for an outsider to conquer suspicion. Available on Netflix.

The Jane Austin Book Club ( 2007). The novels of Jane Austen are discussed each month by six Californians in their book club. Life imitates art as their situations mirror those of the characters in Emma, Pride and Prejudice etc. An ensemble cast includes Emily Blunt, Maria Bello and Hugh Dancy. Rent on Amazon.

The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society ( 2018). The second world war has ended and writer ( Lily James) strikes up a pen pal friendship with a Guernsey islander who writes about the German occupation and the ingenious ways the islanders hoodwink the invaders, including the introduction of a literary and potato peel pie society. Intrigued she visits Guernsey to put their story to paper and falls in love. Available with Amazon Prime and on BBC I Player.

Notting Hill ( 1999). In real life could a movie star walk into a bookshop unnoticed, buy a book and then fall for the foppish owner. Well probably not, but this romantic comedy put the real Notting Hill on the map and Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant make a charming couple. Rent on Amazon.

Funny Face ( 1957). Funny Face begins in a bookshop, the shy owner is played by the beguiling Audrey Hepburn. Fred Astaire is a photographer who needing a bookstore as a backdrop in a shoot, ends up whisking a reluctant Audrey to Paris instead for a modeling assignment. A romantic musical comedy. Rent on Amazon.

Dan In Real Life ( 2007). Romantic comedy drama starring Steve Carrol as a lonely widow and single father who makes a connection in a bookshop ( Juliette Binoche), only to later discover she is his brothers girlfriend. Rent on Amazon.

Book Club ( 2018 ). In this fun film four life long friends tackle The Fifty Shades trilogy at their book club meet ups. The racy novel soon inspires them to not only spice up their sex lives, but give love another chance too. Nice to see Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen together in one film. Watch on Netflix.

What are your favourite movie Bookshops?

Are you in a Book Club?

45 thoughts on “Book Shops And Book Clubs In Films. 📖”

  1. The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society is on the BBC iplayer for free at the moment too, I noticed.
    I can’t believe you made such a long list and I’ve only seen Notting Hill. I have some catching up to do.
    I was thinking only today that I haven’t bought a single book in nearly two months which is some kind of record for me.
    I was in a book club for a while, but I didn’t enjoy having to read books I hadn’t chosen myself and I was even less comfortable telling friends that I really didn’t like a book after they had recommended it, it felt like too much was invested in the choices.
    I was in a bloggers book group very, very briefly – it seemed like a good idea but it got very strange, very quickly. To the point where I was more than a bit unnerved.
    Having said that, a bloggers book group is actually not that bad an idea, during lockdown? Especially if the books were chosen with a niche topic – natural history or walking or somesuch? I’ll leave that out there!
    My wife’s book group are having zoom meetings every week now, rather than the once a month they usually do.

    1. That’s good to know about Potato Peel Pie being on I player too. I will edit that into the post.
      I have never been in a book club. They look quite fun on film but unless the people were my established friends, I expect I would clam up if I had to speak!
      I have been reading lots more than usual and this post was inspired by a book I read called The Bookseller plus the fact that I’ve just watched Book Club. 🙂

    1. You’ve got mail is a fun film. I love Meg Ryan’s book shop. 🙂
      The Book shop was quite frustrating for the owner……and the viewer. I just wanted something good to happen for her.

      1. Yes, frustrating – you recall how Florence Green started to sell Nabokov’s Lolita in her shop? I kind of thought that the plot will involve the community criticising her for that and trying to close her on that basis. I was very surprised that the story did not go there – well the film did not make it the strong point at all. It was all rather strange and directionless, but I still want to read the book.

  2. Potato Peel Pie is one of my all time favourite books and films. I love them both and I think it’s the only film I’ve been to see more than once in the cinema. What did you think of The Bookseller? I haven’t got around to it yet but it sounds good.

    1. Potato Peel Pie is such a lovely film, and the book is great. There is alot of wit in the book that wasn’t always found in the film.
      I loved The Bookseller. It’s a great idea for a story, escaping to an ‘ alternative happier world ‘ through dreams. I hear that Julia Roberts was to star in a film of it, but it hasn’t got made yet..

  3. I like You’ve Got Mail, never seen Notting Hill though I keep promising myself I’ll watch it the next time it’s on tv, but my favourite of these would have to be Funny Face – I love Audrey Hepburn and older films 🙂

  4. I love the bookshop in You got Mail and I loved both book and film of the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society another favourite is 84 Charringcross Road which I wached again last year:)

  5. Great collection. Can’t think of any more films with bookshops in off the top of my head, but great TV: You (although we gave up on the second series, so maybe not that great) and one of my absolute all time favourite sitcoms Black Books.

    1. I started reading You a few years before it came out on Netflix, but wierdly didn’t finish it off. I have heard of Black Books but never actually watched it, will have to get round to it, I have time. 😅

      1. I have just started watching it. It’s bonkers. Enjoying , reminds me of another show of a similar era ‘ Spaced’.

  6. I love you’ve got mail, it’s one of my favourite films. I’m definitely missing all things bookish! My library has set up a facebook reading group, you read an assigned short story every week and discuss, it’s quite fun.
    A film to add to your list is This Beautiful Impossible, Jessica Findlay Brown works in a library, it’s a lovely film about books and gardens 🙂

    1. Oh yes, I have seen it and totally forgot to put it on the list. I quite liked it though really wish that Jessica’s character would have ended up with the lovely house mate . X

  7. Great post! I never realised how I love to see a book shop (or a yarn shop!) in a film but I’ve seen almost all these films! I actually watched ‘Guernsey’ on Monday night. Notting Hill is one of my all time favourites.

  8. I’ve seen 3 of those! Notting Hill, Jane Austen Bookclub, and You’ve got mail. Our book group has moved online. We meet in the local library which closed the day before our March meeting, so we hurriedly arranged an email discussion. That was hard work, but not everyone had Zoom or similar then. April was on Zoom, and May’s is next week. Which reminds me, I haven’t read the book yet …

    I went to an online festival, The Big Book Weekend, last week. See, the talks are still up. I heard Marian Keyes, AL Kennedy and Bernardine Evaristo and mean to catch up with a few more.

    1. That’s great that you’ve carried on with the book club. I have never been confident to join one, though maybe when this is over I will see if my group of friends fancy meeting up every month in the guise of a book club. 😉
      Have you read a book yet or are you getting back to gallivanting more instead? X

  9. Interesting post & I’d never realised how many films were based around bookshops etc. Must tell DD, as she’s a librarian & has had a few short stories published before children. Thanks. Take care, stay safe and huggles.

  10. The potato peelers in Guernsey sounds good. They had some rare old goings on there in the war years. Thanks for sharing, hon! I had a flip back through your walks too. 🙂 🙂

    1. Love the film and the book. 🙂
      Oh I should start linking up with your Monday walks again. Hoping to go on a good walk at the wknd with Wil and Hugo the dog. Fingers crossed!

      1. Fingers crossed for you too 🙂 🙂 I’ve been running the walks while we were in our various forms of lockdown, basically to stay in touch with people.

  11. This is a great list. I’m a huge book lover and there’s some on here I have missed. That’s mt weekend sorted! Have a good one xx

    1. And… I love that scene in the bookstore in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ where Carrie Fisher spots Billy Crystal checking out Meg Ryan. She says “He never remembers me” just as he walks up and says, “Sally Albright.”

  12. It’s sad that our small town no longer has a book store, but it is so hard to compete with online shopping and the big chain stores. It makes me really appreciate when I can walk into a store and be surrounded by all those books. So much temptation! Happy reading, Mel

    1. It’s definitely hard to keep a bookstore going these days. It’s amazing that we actually have two in my small town at the moment, hope they keep going. Thanks for reading!

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