Salthill Quarry Nature Reserve ~ May.

By midday today it was scorching hot. I had taken our labrador for a riverside walk early morning ( saw my first dragonfly of the year) and then decided to head out somewhere unaccompanied. I love Hugo but he gets a little impatient when I become distracted by butterflies. 🙂

Salthill Quarry Nature Reserve is one of two nature reserves in my home town. A mixture of limestone grassland and shady woodland, the reserve is a haven for wild flowers and birds such as black caps and bullfinches. Which I never see ! Haha. Today my nemesis bird ( a gloriously colourful jay) posed for several photographs, promptly flying off cackling before I could get him into focus.

I enjoyed my walk and intend to post a blog in June, when hopefully the bee orchids will be in flower. For now, enjoy these photos. 😘

Yellow poppies.
Blue sky.

Small white.
Germander Speedwell.
Robin red breast.
Birds Foot Trefoil aka Bacon & Eggs.
Dog Rose.
Small white.
Wood Aven.
Bugles and Herb Robert.
Bluetit flying in and out of a nesting box.
Crinoid bench.
Wild Strawberry.
Common Blue.
Common Blue on Buttercup.

I hope I have identified the above correctly, please let me know if I have mixed up my common blues with my holly blues. 😅

31 thoughts on “Salthill Quarry Nature Reserve ~ May.”

  1. Looks like a lovely spot with plenty to see. I think you can identify blues using the ocelli on the underwings. In theory. Bit beyond me to be honest.

  2. Lovely photos & you are very good at identifying all those butterflies & flowers. For me butterflies are just that & we get very few here & although I know a lot of flowers, you’ve some wild ones there that I certainly wouldn’t be able to identify. Loved this post & thanks for sharing. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

    1. Thanks Christine, it was very hot. Luckily I retreated into the woodland a few times and took water up with me. I not that keen on very hot weather. X

  3. Beautiful photos.It looks a lovely nature reserve and I’ll look forward to the bee orchids. Shame about the Jay but Robins are always happy to pose for a photo or two:)

  4. So much to see! What a lovely spot to go for a walk and how wonderful that it is in your home town.

    Thank you sharing all your photos, it is such a wonderful time for wild flowers isn’t it. I am really enjoying walking round my village and looking at the wild flowers in the verges of the lanes.

    1. I love country lanes. Loving all the cow parsley that is flowering here at the moment. Bet your part of the world looking so lovely right now. 🙂

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