Caton Riverside Walk.

Today dawned sunny and warm , we got up pretty early, setting off from Clitheroe at 8am and driving through the beautiful Trough of Bowland and on to Caton , a village by the river Lune. Tantilising glimpses of sparkling blue sea could be viewed as we passed Jubilee Tower. We were however intent on a riverside walk.

At Caton we parked at the Bull Beck picnic site and car park. After crossing the road we joined an old railway walk/cycle path ( now part of the River Lune Millennium Park) and then ambled back along the river, about 4 miles in total.

Stone eisel depicting Railway walk/ cycleway.
Blue Sky.
Bug B & B ( open for business, I presume).
Squirrel checking out prospective breakfasts..
There was already a breakfast guest. 😘
I was so happy to see this gorgeous bullfinch…..and he posed for pictures. 🙂
Otter carving near the Crook O’ Lune picnic site..
And another. ❤️
Bridge at Crook O’ Lune.
Crook O’ Lune.
Shallow Weir.
Riverside hide.
Relaxing by the Lune.
Spot the tiny Hugo.
There were several of these stone fence posts in the field.
Footbridge over Artle brook.
Hundreds of Sand Martins nest in the sandy river bank. They dart around so fast. I couldn’t believe it when one landed on a nearby fence. 🙂
Beautiful Sand Martin. 😘
Can just make out the flat top of Ingleborough in the distance.
Another hide.
Oyster catcher on shingle.
Hugo on shingle.
Following the river.
Young bull. Earlier we almost got stampeded by a group of cattle when a farmer was herding them to this field in his tractor. Don’t think he saw us ( hoping not) and we escaped just in time. Yikes!
Young bulls. All much calmer when not being chased by a cross farmer.

No more photos but we are almost back at the car park/ picnic site at Bull Beck. Amazingly the public toilets are actually open. Result!

After brunch ( it’s still only 10-45) we decide to head home through the Trough of Bowland. I had found another walk that looked nice at Abbeystead, but when we arrived it had gotten busy. Everyone else had the same idea! Another time perhaps.

We really enjoyed our River Lune walk. Such a tranquil beautiful morning. ❤️🥾

Walk Book ~ Walking in the Forest of Bowland and Pendle by Terry Marsh.

Map ~ Explorer OL41 ( Forest of Bowland & Ribblesdale).


27 thoughts on “Caton Riverside Walk.”

  1. Super sand martin pics! Another great countryside walk. We so want to explore the Trough – but will contain ourselves until the time is right!

    1. Thank you! I have never seen one stay still ever… I was awe struck.
      Yes the Trough was getting busy on our way home. It always is on hot sunny days. Our River walk was peaceful though.x

  2. I love that area – we used to take the kids to cycle when they were tiny tots. We’ve swum there with them, but the current was surprisingly strong. Those martin photos are stunning – I’ve noticed the holes in the banks but not timed my visits to see those nests being used.

    1. The whole river was teaming with them. Some people were trying to photograph them coming in and out of their sand holes….and I had one almost pose for me. So happy. 🙂
      We also saw some wild swimmers.

  3. Looks like a lovely walk and one I’d like to do – I’ve stopped off at the Bull Beck picnic site a few times over the years – but you’ve got me confused. Looking at Google maps it seems that the path from there goes through trees and past lots of houses rather than by the river – did you find another path somewhere? Love the birds by the way, especially the sand martin 🙂

    1. The path runs along side the village for a while ( an old railway path) then eventually turns off to a bridge over the river. We then double backed under the bridge and followed the river back to the railway path, coming back out a little before the car park. X

      1. Thanks, I’ve had another look and figured it out, also the possibility of extending the walk depending on how far I feel like walking. Thanks for the inspiration, I can’t wait to go now! 🙂 🙂

      2. Great! You can also cross over the other side of the river and walk through woodland. One for us to try next time. And I think there are more easel carvings. And you could park at the crook o lune car park if you like, we missed out on quite a bit really. X

  4. What a lovely walk. l’m jealous that you can snap the birds before they fly off, as I usually miss most of them, especially the small flighty ones. Lovely scenery & the bridges are all gorgeous. Look forward to seeing more of your walks. We may actually be able to drive for our walks too, as long as we find somewhere with nobody around. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  5. Looks beautiful. And you managed to photograph a black cap! We’ve had one flitting around the garden recently. Have a nice weekend, it’s going to be another sunny one 😀

      1. Yes, we have at least 5 slow worms in the garden. We’ve put a few old doormats around the garden and the slow worms like to spend time underneath them, warm and safe place. A toad has made a home under one too.

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