Clitheroe to Mitton Circular Walk.

Just a quick post featuring a walk today from home. We set out about 8 am hoping to miss the heat, it was already getting warm early on. Luckily for Hugo this is another route taking in the river Ribble ,so he had plenty of opportunities for paddles and swims.

Today’s walk is a circular route from Clitheroe to Mitton and back. It’s one we have walked a few times over the years.

Heading for the railway bridge.
Mearley Brook.
Approaching the Ribble Way.
There’s a newish photography aid down Edisford.
Edisford Bridge.
We have now crossed the bridge and are walking along the other side of the river towards Mitton. We pass through a little wood.
And carry on down the riverside.

Mama and brood.
Up through another little wood and we find this newly carved bear chair, which has appeared during lockdown.
We follow the footpath signs to Mitton, passing Great Mitton Hall.
Over the bridge near the Aspinall Arms.
The Aspinall arms is somewhere we would ordinarily stop off at for refreshment. Huge beer garden and dog friendly.
Next to the pub footpaths can be followed back to Clitheroe.
I heard a piping call. It belonged to a Common Sandpiper.
Nearly home and more content cattle relaxing in the sun. 🙂

Have you got out and about this weekend?

32 thoughts on “Clitheroe to Mitton Circular Walk.”

  1. Must be nice down by the river on a day like that. And good to see the wildlife. The water level looks low – not surprising given the lack of rain lately.

  2. Another nice walk, I like the view through the picture frame and the family of ducklings. I went to Caton on Saturday, did the same walk as you but with a bit extra. What a lovely place and such great photo opportunities – I don’t know why I’ve never been before!

    Reading one of your replies above I’m glad I don’t live where you do as I can’t stand the smell of hops. I never liked going to Blackburn when I was a kid as you could smell the hops as you were coming into the station, and to make matters worse one of our relatives lived opposite the Thwaites brewery 😦 😦

    1. Looking forward to seeing your pictures from Caton, I had never been before either. It’s a very scenic place. I don’t mind the smell of hops, though can be overpowering at times. Weren’t brewing today. X

  3. Such a lovely walk to enjoy close to home. Great photos especially of the duck family and the sandpiper:)

  4. ‘Beer is in production’ – a hopeful sign? Looks like another lovely walk. We did get out – a very early wild swim to beat the crowds. It was well worth getting up early for.

    1. I saw a mum and son swimming in the river early on. The boy had to be given alot of encouragement, it was cold in. I need to pluck up the courage for a wild swim. 🙂

      1. We’ve managed to squeeze in a few in the last few days. It’s one thing the family all enjoy.

      2. No, the Kent, the Lune and High Dam at odd times of the day – apart from The Lune where we found a beautiful and completely deserted spot.

  5. Early in the morning is a good time to go out for a walk, not only is cooler with these warm temperatures but also quieter I would think. It is lovely to be able to go for so many good walks close to home isn’t it?

  6. Great pic of sandpiper. I lose my way trying to identify these – and all those others that look like them! But I think I might be getting better?! 🤔

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