To The Sea.

I have been craving ‘ a sea fix ‘ for some time now. Today was finally the day that I got my fix. We headed to Heysham on the Lancashire coast and parked at Heysham Nature Reserve behind the power station. After typing Heysham Nature Reserve into Google maps it told me that we had visited the reserve two years ago. Scary that it remembered. 😜

Heysham Nature Reserve is still open , however the car park and facilities are currently closed. We managed to find a spot near the entrance and Hugo had an off lead wander. At some point we ended up on the rocky shore in front of the power station. Un surprisingly it was easy to social distance beside a nuclear power station. 😊

We walked as far as the striking rust coloured South Pier lighthouse and retraced our steps back to the car.

Rocky shore.
Behind the power station.
Yellow Rattle.
Greater Knapweed.
Hugo inspects the thin strip of beach.
Sea & sky.
Lesser black backed Gull.
South Pier Lighthouse selfie.
South Pier Lighthouse.
Oyster catchers brunch time.

It was around 11-30 and already cracking the flags at nearby Half Moon Bay when we parked the car on the small car park there. In fact it was getting a bit too hot for Hugo. After a short walk along the cliffs as far as the St Patrick’s chapel remains, we called it a day. Looking back on my post from two years ago, we had a hot weather visit then too! No beautiful new sculptures at that time though. Fab to see the recent editions. 😊

Oyster catcher sculpture.
Half Moon Bay.
Ship Sculpture looking over Half Moon Bay.
Ship Sculpture.
My first ever sighting of a Whitethroat. 🙂
St Patrick’s Chapel.
Rock cut coffin graves.

Goodbye beautiful Lancashire coast. Until next time. ❤️

40 thoughts on “To The Sea.”

  1. I went from Heysham village to St. Patrick’s Chapel last year but I’ve never been as far as Half Moon Bay. I didn’t know there was an old lighthouse near the power station – one to check out another time I think. I was walking along the Lancaster canal today from Glasson to Galgate and back, and at one point I could see the power station. It was quite a distance away but actually looked fairly close.

    1. It is quite big and looms over everything in the distance. Half moon bay has a nice cafe when its open and a short cliff top walk as well as the sculptures. X

  2. Love those sculptures—especially the oyster catcher. We have a similar yellow flower here—called a buffalo bean. They’re an early flower and I have no idea why they’re called buffalo beans—they don’t form those type of seed pods. Lovely day!!

  3. It looks lovely 🙂 I’m really missing the sea too (It’s been nearly two years since I saw it last but I might just make it to the coast on Friday as we have to do a long journey to collect some things we need soon!

  4. Oh, lucky you! One of the things I have liked about lockdown is how much more appreciative you become of simple pleasures… (though I think you’ve always been thoroughly appreciative of nature around you).

  5. How wonderful to see the sea, I haven’t seen it since last September. I remember visiting Heynsham old chapel years ago. No sculptures then. I like the oyster catcher and the ship one too:)

      1. Meant to mention in my comment that you were not far from Sunderland Point, a fascinating area [Sambos Grave is probably topical at the moment]
        Check the tide tables first!

      2. Hi we were actually thinking of going there after and had checked the tide times too. Unfortunately even though we carried plenty of water for Hugo he was to warm so we thought we had best head home. I am determined to go there one day. Looks a fab little place. 🙂

  6. Great pics – as always. Love the Oyster catcher best – could do with one for my garden 😉 Hugo doesn’t look impressed with that beach. I could do with a sea fix – there’s just that small challenge of lack of toilets

  7. What a lovely walk & by the sea. Love your photos, especially that lighthouse which is very unusual, but so quaint as well. We must have a thing about sculptures at the moment, as I’ve also shown wood carved ones on my last post. I’ve seen the ones of the naked males looking out to sea on the Lancashire coast, but wish we’d been to Heysham now as well. Thanks for sharing, take care, stay safe & huggles.

  8. Great shots. I can’t make up my mind about Heysham. On the one hand, there’s the wonderful old chapel, rock graves, cliffs views etc (I even like the relatively new longboat); on the other, power station notwithstanding, there’s a great deal that would be improved by a localised non-fatal high explosion.

  9. I haven’t been as far as the power station. I love half moon bay, and I have walked to Sunderland Point which is a really interesting and lovely place. We usually camp in Silverdale for the Solstice, which is this weekend. I love it there and will miss it this year, the first time in nine years!

  10. When I lived in the middle of Morecambe the walk along the prom to Heysham was a god-send. I was planning to go back this spring to have a peek into St. Peter’s. I’ll get around to it eventually!

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