Clitheroe, Pendleton & Worston Walk.

Recent times have given me opportunity to explore new walks in my local area and also revisit places from my past. Although I live in a small market town, I grew up in the countryside. Of course at 17 I was only to happy to move away to ‘the big City’ , that’s what Clitheroe felt like to a country bumpkin like me back then. 🙂 I will never forget my farming roots though , as much as I love living somewhere with shops, pubs and friends, I do still feel at home clomping round the fields.

This is a walk from Clitheroe, through the pretty village of Pendleton, passing the farm I grew up on at the foot of Pendle Hill and taking in the small village of Worston. Most of the route has featured on my blog before at various times, but there’s usually something new to spot.

A woodland path past Standen Hall.
After crossing the A59 we walk into Pendleton. Lots of old cottages here.
And a pub called The Swan With Two Necks which is currently selling take way ales.
Pendleton is called ‘ Peniltune’ in the Domesday book.
Love this bright red gate. ❤️
Time to cross the road.
Heading through one of the farms in the hamlet of Mearley.
A sign for a new ( ish ) holiday let in Mearley.
Sunbathing cows.
Knowle Top farm looking down over Mearley.
Hugo and stick.
Little Mearley Hall where I grew up, at the foot of Pendle Hill.
Worsaw Hill in the distance.
Orange Hawkweed aka Fox & Cubs ,on the grass verges.
Interesting gate sign in Worston village.
Pendle Hill from Worston.
Rockery garden in Worston.
Honesty box eggs.
My first photo of a hare!
Little & Large. ❤️

Thanks for joining us on another local stroll.


33 thoughts on “Clitheroe, Pendleton & Worston Walk.”

    1. The hall is actually two houses with attached farm building not all one. It was a three generation tenancy but nobody from the third generation wanted to take such a big farm on, so someone else has it now. Lovely place to grow up though. X

    1. I was so happy to get the photo of the hare, it was quite content munching the grass in the field, was a fair distance away though. The ponies were cute. X

  1. I think I may have mentioned it before but when your family lived at Little Mearley Hall did you know the Smalleys [David and Andrea] who lived in Grindleton. I’m sure they talked about visiting your house.

    1. Possibly. Come to think of it, do they have a daughter who moved to Australia? If so, she is my sister’s best friend from school.

  2. They’re usually very elusive hares, aren’t they. Great to get one at rest and be able to take a photo. Looks like a lovely walk and an idyllic place to grow up. I think the urge to move to a big smoke in your teens is pretty universal for those of us who grew up in the sticks isn’t it? That was certainly my experience too.

    1. I do love seeing hares, doesn’t happen very often. Clitheroe definitely felt like The Big Smoke. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere bigger now though.

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