Downham & Twiston Circular Walk. 🥾

Another blog post, another local walk. This one is from the picture perfect village of Downham, where in fact many years ago, I went to primary school. The hike is a 4 mile circular route and was a very peaceful one, we saw only one other person out walking until we arrived back in the village at the end for an ice cream. 😊

We set off from the large car park in Downham, following the brook down through the village. You may recognize Downham from the TV series Born and Bred which was filmed here.

A stone bridge over the brook.
All the cottages in the village are owned by Lord Clitheroe’s estate, so the whole village is tenanted.
There are quite a few Stiles and kissing gates on the walk.
A brood of ducklings. 🙂
We head uphill through farmland and find a well placed bench.
Some locals are keen to see us off though.
A pretty wildflower meadow. 🌼
Hugo cooling off in Twiston Beck.
Twiston Mill Pond, though we couldn’t see the pond for the reeds!
Heading past Twiston Mill , which was a busy cotton mill in the past.
Old squeeze style replaced by gate.
You can continue here to Downham Mill, but our route took us elsewhere. I would like to do this walk though too.
The walk carried on past a couple of farms. Here’s a view of Pendle.
Dog Roses and Elderflowers.
Cows grazing as we approach Downham again.
On a rocky outcrop above the village , a 🐝 on mother of thyme.
And Biting Yellow Stonecrop.
Back into Downham. The cottages are stunning and no overhead cables or satellite dishes in sight.
Picture postcard perfect.
The Assheton Arms, Downham’s lovely pub. A couple of days after our walk we heard that the company who owns it has gone into administration, so not sure about it’s future. 😦
Downham pre school, which once upon a time used to be my primary school.
Hugo waiting for ice cream.

We ended our walk at the little ice cream shop on Hare Green, which also sells brews, cakes and sandwiches.

I downloaded this route here. 🥾


27 thoughts on “Downham & Twiston Circular Walk. 🥾”

  1. Lovely pics and a nice looking walk. I’ve been binge watching The A Word on the BBC and would love to be in the north of England at this point… (though part of it is just desperation for a change of scenery).

    1. I bet you can’t wait to travel. Haven’t watched the new series, I will have to add it to my list. I quite liked Christopher Eccleston’s character. X

  2. A fine walk although I can’t be the only one to read it initially as Downton and Wiston. I then read the tv bit (about Born and Bred) and did a double take!!

    1. Haha well yes Downham is quite a famous village. It was also the film location of much of Whistle Down the Wind. Twiston is just a hamlet really, but I like the name. 🙂

  3. Thank you for taking us on another lovely walk. I’ve just caught up on your last post too. Gee, you did a bit of memory jogging for me & it must have been a long time ago, but do remember the Born & Bred series. Loved the photo of the tree obscuring Pendle Hill…it’s well placed for photography(giggle). Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  4. Visits to Downham won’t be the same if the pub closes.
    The Derby Arms down the road from me is part of the same group and under administration. I think they were struggling before lockdown but that obviously has been the last straw.

    1. Haha, indeed! Hopefully back up to our caravan in Cumbria in July so maybe some Eden valley outings, but hopefully a few more local to me walks too in good old Lancs.

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