The Elusive Bee Orchid.

Yesterday in the scorching heat we found the elusive Bee Orchid! This one was in Cross Hill Quarry Nature Reserve in Clitheroe, which can be accessed through Brungerley park. A kind member of a local wildlife group offered to show my sister, her kids and I where it was. ๐Ÿ˜Š

There are over fifty species of orchid in the UK and all are protected. Although there are much rarer orchids ,the Bee Orchid is particularly striking I think. It’s flowers resemble the insect and amerous bees can transfer pollen to them, mistaking them for another ๐Ÿ bee.

There were plenty of insects out in the late afternoon heat yesterday. We saw lots of butterflies including meadow brown’s, skippers, ringlets, common blues, tortoishell s, red admirals, whites and comma all fluttering around the quarry.

One of many many large skipper butterflies.
An unassuming orchid found all over the quarry is the Common Twayblade. I did not even realise that these are orchids.
A beautiful Marsh Orchid.
My niece got this picture of a cute new moth ( to us) , the Latticed Heath Moth.
The only Bee Orchid ( as yet) in the reserve has three flowers.
Bee Orchid.
My niece and Yellow Loosestrife flowers.
Heron intent on tea.

As you can imagine, wandering round a quarry in the heat made us all want to dive in the river, which luckily was close by. We all went for a paddle to cool off and the above heron wasn’t bothered by our presence at all.

Have you seen any orchids this year?

33 thoughts on “The Elusive Bee Orchid.”

  1. Those wild orchids are beautiful flowers. When I was a kid, my dad was City Engineer, and there was a proposed road being built thru some swampy land. There were lady slipper orchids growing everywhere, about to be bulldozed. It was of course forbidden to dig these protected flowers but as they were in the line of fire, mom dug some out and transplanted them under her apple tree in the backyard. They were her pride and joy for years!! Not sure that road would have been built these days but back then no one thought of environmental damage as they do now. And a splash in the river sounds wonderful ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Aw Ladies Slippers are beautiful. They must have been a sight to behold. I think your Mum definitely did the right thing there! The paddle in the river was well needed. Not used to this heat! Rain forecast for tomorrow.

  2. Stunning little flowers aren’t they? It always seems astonishing to me that a flower could evolve this very intimate relationship with, I believe, very specific species of bees – can fool the bees not once, but at least twice for pollination to occur. Amazing! The latticed heath moth is very cool too.

  3. Have only seen orchids this year on your blog and a couple of others. Great to see the Bee Orchid and the Laticed Heath Moth is very attractive. I bet it was good to have a cool paddle after a warm visit:)

  4. I’m afraid I’ve not seen any orchid – my walks tend to revolve around Harry, so best kept away from anything that belongs on a nature reserve. I love herons.

    1. Me too but not this one luckily. He would have probably raced over the bee orchid. :b
      Herons are fantastic. This one didn’t care we were so close by at all. X

  5. I have seen several when out walking from my house, I think they are all the same but I haven’t identified any of them yet. We also have two growing in the garden which I noticed the other day. I have no idea how they have arrived but they are both beautiful!

  6. I haven’t seen any orchids yet this year, but then I’ve not really left the garden this month, so that’s no surprise! Glad you got to see the bee orchid, this looks a lovely place for a walk!

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