A Night Away At The Caravan.

On Saturday we were finally allowed to travel to our caravan and more excitingly, stop overnight! I must admit I was a little worried about our drive to the Lake District. Would we be stuck in traffic for hours? Would everyone in England be heading away for the weekend? It turns out we hardly saw a soul and the roads were not overly busy. There again the weather was not the best and we definitely needed our waterproofs.

Our destination was just under two hours away, so on route we stopped off near Kirkby Lonsdale to take Hugo for a riverside walk. The Lune was nearly bursting it’s banks, there had been so much rain.

Pretty painted pebbles lined the riverside path.
Rather nice art on the public toilet doors.
An old fashioned float in Kirkby Lonsdale.
The River Lune looking choppy.

Once we got to the caravan site we checked over the van , had some lunch then headed up into the fells for a walk. It’s the first time we have done this route, probably because of my general reluctance to drag myself up hill. It was of course worth it! We found a patch of woodland, a clear water beck and lots of foxgloves.

Once back in the village I couldn’t resist looking round the Green. Melmerby Village Green is an 11 acre green that used to be grazed by livestock. It is managed for wildlife and there are lots of lovely wildflowers on display.

Pied Wagtail almost camaflaged in the wall.
Postbox in the village.

In the evening we left the pub to the locals and had tapas and wine in the van. Wil fried these padron peppers in olive oil and tossed them in sea salt. Delicious!

Quiet on site.

On Sunday morning we headed to Pooley Bridge which is near Ullswater. The lake was lively!

Hugo in Ullswater.
Bought a sausage roll in here. 😁
And had a socially distanced coffee in The Crown .
The River Eamont and the new bridge under construction. Pooley Bridges original stone bridge was destroyed during Storm Desmond.
Pooley Bridge Inn sign.

It felt good to be able to stay overnight at the caravan and it was nice enjoying a coffee in the Crown pub. We are ready for our proper week long break away. Not long now!

Did you go to a cafe or a pub at the weekend?

42 thoughts on “A Night Away At The Caravan.”

  1. What a nice weekend you’ve had!! The pebbles by the walk are so colourful 😊. I walked the Camino back in 2014 and are my share of padron peppers. Delish. My daughter bought me seeds to start but a few attempts have yielded nothing. Very disappointing. Are you able to buy them in the shops? We just had an inch of rain a few days ago but are still quite dry. You appear to be quite waterlogged 😜

    1. Well done on walking the Camino, that’s so impressive. Have you seen the movie The Way? Stars Martin Sheen , it’s a good film. We couldn’t find the peppers anywhere locally but did manage to order some fresh ones online from a tapas company. It’s been raining lots now that lockdown is gradually being eased in England. Typical eh. X

      1. One of my favourite rainy day movies!! Love the soundtrack 😊. We’re totally nit able to buy padron peppers which is why I keep trying to start them from seed in the house. Maybe just a bad batch of seed. But they are delicious and the odd one that is incendiary makes eating them more interesting!!😊

      2. Hope you get some good luck with your next peppers batch. I had them for the first time this year. Really tasty! X

  2. I can imagine it felt good to finally have some time at your caravan, being able to get away has been a long time coming for everyone. The Lune certainly looks different to when I went to Caton the other week 😦 Michael and I went for a meal at a pub/restaurant yesterday, quite a different dining experience compared to pre-Covid days but the meal itself was good.

    1. Sounds good going for a meal. A friend and her house mate did on Saturday too, the pub was fairly quiet. Lots of people are waiting I think, hope to book something soon. X

  3. Still not been the Lakes yet for a swim 😦 Every time I plan a trip the weather turns squally. Oh well, I’ll get there one day. Your home cooked dinner sounded lovely xx

    1. There was actually someone swimming in Ullswater and it was proper choppy. Luckily they stayed close to the shore. Hope you get your swim soon. X

  4. Ullswater was looking a lot rougher than when I was there a few days before you! Despite the weather it must have been brill to get back up to the caravan. You’ll be up there again soon, no doubt. 😊

  5. Great to hear you made it to the caravan. I think the weather stopped so many people heading for the tourist spots this weekend. We’ve definitely got people visiting and mobile homes etc on the roads – but I’ve seen it a lot busier. A bit of a two edged sword – the businesses need the tourists, but Devon is now almost covid-19 free right now, so hoping their arrival doesn’t move that in the wrong direction. Not gone to the pub yet. Waiting for a warm day when we can sit in the garden.

    1. It’s a tricky balance isn’t it. We are heading back up to the van for a week soon so hoping for some nice weather, though will be keeping away from the busy places. X

  6. It must have felt good to be able to visit your caravan again and take some walks somewhere different, everything looks wonderful:)

  7. Blimey – the Lune was high. I’m generally in Kirkby Lonsdale at least once a week and it’s quite odd seeing photos when I haven’t visited for months. I imagine it was similarly strange getting back to your caravan, though obviously in a delightful way! Doesn’t Melmerby have a brilliant cafe and bakery? Little Salkeld, nearby, has a watermill with a great little cafe as well as the bizarre Lacey’s Caves and Long Meg and her daughters – all favourites of ours.

    1. Melmerby does have a nice cafe and bakery. They’ve just opened up as has the pub. I went to the pink watermill , Lacy’s caves and Long meg last summer. Hopefully get there again. Was a nice walk and lunch.

      1. We’ve done it a few times. When the kids were small it was ideal. Mind, even last time we went the boys played hide and seek in the caves.

  8. How lovely that must have felt, almost normal apart from the social distancing. Beer gardens are open here now (and they are taking quite a liberal view of what a beer garden is) but I’m not so desperate that I want to sit in the cold! We have booked a restaurant for my birthday later in the month when they will be open again. We can always cancel if we chicken out…

    1. What a lovely month to have a birthday. I hope you get to go, if you feel like it. Hoping to book a meal for next week, fingers crossed.

  9. It’ll be a long time I think until I go to a pub or cafe! Pub visits are rare for us anyway and I’m in no rush to get to a cafe… still rather enjoying lockdown life at home (I’m still furloughed, Dave still working from home), plus we’ve been so busy transforming the garden we’ve not had time to get out much! Your night away sounds really delightful though and I feel like I could really do with something similar right now! We won’t be having a holiday this year though… we had hoped to go in May or June but obviously couldn’t and I don’t think we’ll manage it later in the year.

  10. How wonderful! I haven’t been to a pub or a cafe, but I did venture out to my favourite chippy for some fish & chips for the first time in months! πŸ˜€

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