A week At The Caravan.

I feel like it’s been a while since I posted.  We recently had a week away at the caravan, which for my other half was a much needed break ,  having worked continuously through lockdown. A holiday we booked in Northumberland was cancelled , so I think this year we will try to make the most of our own holiday home. I know we are very lucky to have it !

Here is a quick round-up of what we got up to.  We are based in the beautiful Eden Valley, which is a rather undiscovered part of Cumbria. I love where we are as there is so much to explore nearby.

Chilling At The Van.  Of course we made a bit of time for relaxing as well. We are fortunate to have a large decking area ( probably three or four times bigger than our little yard at home) ,so it was always nice to sit out and enjoy the sunshine with a glass of wine…..or two. 😁

Langwathby Riverside Walk.  An Eden Valley walk we often enjoy with Hugo is The Ladies Walk from Langwathby, through Edenhall village & back. The circular route is 3 miles long and takes in lots of gorgeous wildflowers, a couple of sculptures, a Celtic cross and pretty cornfields, as well as the lovely river Eden of course. We even enjoyed coffees and flapjacks on the green at the end from Saddleback’s cafe , a converted horsebox.

Eycott Hill Nature Reserve.  Oh my goodness, I was in my element here!  Eycott Hill near Penrith is run by the Cumbrian Wildlife Trust..and it is such a beautiful place. Sadly I forgot my actual camera, and only had my phone camera to hand, so trying to take photos of all the wonderful wildlife proved impossible. But I did see lots of beautiful wildflowers including Grass of Parnassus, Bog Asphodel & Marsh Cinqefoil, as well as various butterflies and moths. There are Belted Galloway cattle grazing here and views of the surrounding Lakeland  mountains. Dogs are welcome on leads.

Marmalade March.  Having just looked up Marmalade March online, apparently it’s a track by the psychedelic porn crumpets. Who knew! It is also an alternative name for the Dalemain Loop, an extension of  The Ullswater Way, which is a twenty mile walkable route round Ullswater. I’m not quite up to that yet, so the five mile Marmalade March was undertaken instead. Dalemain ( an Eden Valley country house famed for its annual marmalade festival) was an excellent rest stop mid way, and we made sure to check on the gnarly stone  Dacre churchyard bears as well. 🐻

Cow Green Reservoir & Cauldron Snout. The caravan is on a site at the foot of the steep Hartside Pass, which resides in the North Pennines AONB. Over that hill lies more beautiful rugged terrain to explore, as Cumbria eventually turns into County Durham. The border between the two counties runs straight through the centre of the Cow Green Reservoir and the area is home to rare wildlife, such as  Golden Plover. A track takes visitors past the dam and to the top of Cauldron Snout, which is apparently England’s highest waterfall. Even on a bleak day, there was much wild beauty to take in.

Skiddaw Summit. Oh my, did my poor legs suffer after walking ( or should I say crawling) up Skiddaw. This was my 5th Wainwright, and by far the highest at 900 plus metres. Unfortunately we picked the worse day to do it, as a dense fog obscured any views. We ended up dripping wet from the fog and Hugo almost turned white. 😮 Was still worth it though!

Allonby on the  Cumbrian Coast.  It isn’t a holiday without going to the seaside, I say.  A sunny Saturday meant a trip to the coast. 😊We chose Allonby,  as it has a great beach for dog walking and we were looking forward to fish & chips. The Cod father didn’t disappoint.

So there you have it. Can’t wait to go back to the van in September for a week, and there will hopefully be a couple of weekends before then too.

Thanks for dropping by.

52 thoughts on “A week At The Caravan.”

  1. One of me favourite places is in the upper even valkey. Kirby Stephen I love it there and there is a fantastic little campsite just outside the village.

  2. Well done for getting up to Skiddaw summit, I’ve been up twice and both times the cloud came down as I climbed the last shale section to the top. Not seeing the view seems to be a common occurrence on Skiddaw. Did you bag Skiddaw Little man on the way down as well?

  3. Well done on tackling Skiddaw! Looks like you had a really lovely time, and I think the caravan will be a great getaway for you this year. My mum is from Cumbria but I’ve never really explored much beyond Carlisle, even though I grew up just across the border. X

  4. It sounds like a great week away, nice that you got to Allonby too, it’s a lovely little place. I had the home made meat pie from the Codfather when I went last year, it was very nice too 🙂

  5. A great week away.,batteries recharged ready for the next lockdown.
    You don’t need any other holiday destination this year if you have your caravan in such an ideal situation.
    There was a lot of water heading down Cauldron Scout. My home county – Durham.

    1. Yes it was pretty wild up at Cauldron Snout, I would like to revisit on a calmer day, but made the waterfall all the more impressive anyway. 🙂

  6. Fabulous pics – as always. Looks like you bought your holiday home just at the right time. As you may recall we were planning on probably buying a camper van this year – the prices have gone up so much now, that plan’s definitely on hold. Although not such a problem living where we do and we do have an acre of lovely garden – so not moaning.
    The Psychedelic Porn Crumpets completely passed me by 🙂

    1. I hope the prices go down again, typical that they have gone up now. But you are in a great place for day trips. Has your favourite railway cafe opened again? X

      1. We are. Although we hope to do daytrip distances and stay overnight too. Hopefully won’t be too long before they get back to a sensible price.
        Not sure about cafe – they lost their chef and the replacement was really no comparision, service all tuurned into a bit of a charde then they they stopped doing all day breakfast and when hubby couldn’t have full english for lunch we stopped going!

      2. Oh no! That’s a real shame. The cafe I work at isn’t going to open again we think. Have one more furlough pay and then need to crack on with looking for something else. It was in trouble before lockdown anyway, it’s a shame how many businesses here in Clitheroe are having to close. X

      3. Sorry to hear about your cafe/job.
        Quite a few of the small businesses and pubs in Longridge are heading the same way. I wonder how things will be in a years time.

      4. That’s a real shame. Hope you find something. Think the country’s in for a hard time, but hopefully the recovery won’t take too long, Good luck with the job hunt.

  7. I am so glad you enjoyed your week in my part of the world. I have visited all these places except Cow Green Reservoir which is a long drive or a long walk in, but it is a place I would love to go one day. Eycott Hill is one of my favourite nature reserves in Cumbria, my son and I have done many days of conservation work there it is a wonderful place.

    1. Eycott Hill was wonderful, Its definitely somewhere we would return too, Cow Green Reservoir too. Love the fact that there are so many beautiful places to explore, and they have never been overly busy, even before lockdown. X

  8. It must have felt so good to do something so normal again. I felt all happy seeing the two of you relaxing on the deck with your wine. Not so keen on the bleak days though! The first time we attempted Skiddaw we turned back about 2/3 way up because we could no longer stand the horizontal hail stones. Even with our hoods tightened up as much as possible (so that we could only just about see!) they were painful. We made it the second time, though I found it a bit of a slog.

    1. It was a real slog. Wil was fine as he can yomp up anywhere. We had to rest every five mins up the steep bit, that took forever! Was glad when it levelled out anyway. Sounds horrendous if you got caught up in hail storm, the fog was bad enough. X

  9. How great you’re able to get away!! Sadly I think Floyd and I are staying home this summer. Out of province campers are not welcome and our campsites are full with the big boys-self contained units. Campground washrooms are open by appointment?!? I’m home enjoying the garden dreaming of next year 😊😊

    1. Campground washrooms open by appointment? Wow, that could be a problem. 🙄. At least you do have a lovely garden and you live in a beautiful place. X

  10. A well deserved break for you, and so glad you got a holiday after all. the walks look amazing- love that you got up Skiddaw. I tried with my parents many moons ago- we failed mostly due to the parents worrying about the mist!

    1. That mist sounds like it’s infamous by the look of the comments. 🤪, but yes, at least I can say I did it. My legs killed for two days afterwards. Was worth it though. X

  11. It looks lovely. What a fantastic spot to enjoy. Do you have a link to book your caravan or do you rent it out
    privately? xx

  12. The Eden Valley does seem to often be rather overlooked – there always seems to be so much to see and do there. You certainly seem to have packed a lot in, and I’ve made mental notes of a couple of places to add to ‘to visit’ list.

    1. Oh good, it is such a nice place to visit, like your beautiful part of the world. Popping there now via your blog to see what you have discovered recently. 🙂

  13. Looks like you had a great week after a long wait 👍 Well done getting up Skiddaw. 🏔 It’s a fair slog up there. Pity you missed out on the views which are very extensive. You should try Blencathra – but not via Sharp Edge 😬

    1. Thanks, basically I kept picking a point and stopping. Luckily Wil is remarkably patient with me. Although I like walking I am still unfit when it comes to going uphill.

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