A Garden Of Eden ~ Flora & Fauna In The Eden Valley, Cumbria.

I thought I would share some of the wild treasures I saw recently on my week off in the lovely Eden Valley of Cumbria.

A Wildflower Meadow On The Lowther Estate. Situated between Askham and Whale after the bridge, the estate has put on a colourful display.

Vipers Bugloss.
Daisies & Campions.

More from Melmerby Village. The village green and surrounding meadows are blessed with colour.

Red Admiral.
Travellers horses. Not particularly wild , but a lovely pair with very big hooves. Saw them clip clopping past pulling a Romany wagon, the occupant took the reins with a crow chattering away on his shoulder.
Bitter Vetch.
Skipper on Betony.
Ringlets on Yarrow.

Langwathby & Edenhall. A perfect place for finding riverside and cornfield flowers.

Chamomile, maybe……
Common Furmitory.
Field Pansy, maybe…..
Giant Bellflower.

Cow Green Reservoir. A haven for moorland birds.

Juvenile wheatear.
Golden Plover.

Eycott Hill Nature Reserve. Definitely a go to if you love your upland wildflowers.

Ruby Tiger Moth.
Common Spotted Orchid.
Marsh Cinqfoil.
Bog Asphodel.
Mountain Pansy, maybe…..
Cotton Grass.

Dalemain Estate, Dacre. Always a pleasure to see the resident deer.

Fallow Deer.

Hope all the colour and cuteness brightened your day. X

39 thoughts on “A Garden Of Eden ~ Flora & Fauna In The Eden Valley, Cumbria.”

    1. I almost missed the deer, they were sunbathing in the grass at a distance. The honeysuckle is lovely isn’t it. I have one in my back yard that doesn’t even flower anymore. 😦

    1. Thanks Cathy. Sometimes I have to pour over books and I have an app on my phone now I Naturalist which helps too. Getting better at identifying than I used to be. X

  1. Lovely images – Pansies are very hard to distinguish aren’t they? I’ve read quite a bit about Eycott Hill of late – it’s definitely on my list.

  2. Love that you know the names of all these flowers!! Are your deer spotted all year? Here only the fawns have spots. The adults are red in the summer and a dull grey in the winter.

    1. We have a few species of deer. Fallow deer were brought over by the Romans apparently. They usually have the spots, which I think makes them very pretty. 🙂

  3. We walked past that wildflower meadow on the Lowther Estate this week, the flowers have nearly finished now, it looks like you got a better display than us. I would love to walk there again and see them in full display.

  4. I love these…! Wildflowers and nature doesn´t have any substitute right?
    I love walking and running through vast fields fields blooming with different flowers, and in summer they are really outrageously beautiful!Always a great meditation booster!

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