Hawthorns Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ July. ๐Ÿ“ท

Hey, I finally remembered to join in with Kate’s Photo Scavenger Hunt this month. Read on for July’s words.

Something Purple ~ Let me tickle you with a teasel. These spiky specimens appeared in the railway bridge field a few weeks ago, and have slowly been turning purple.

Shades Of Green ~ Not the most original photo, but here’s Hugo wearing a green collar in a newly mowed meadow, where the grass is a few shades of green.

Starts with…..F ~ My niece was ten this week. Double digits! Here is her Fantastic birthday cake with 10 candle Flames.

Still Life ~ And still life went on through lockdown. At least it did for wildlife. A selection of what I saw over that period. โค๏ธ

Snapped At This Moment ~ A moment in time, trying on a mask before heading to my first hair appointment since before lockdown. I really don’t like wearing them as I find them suffocating. However I guess I just need more practice!

My Own Choice ~ The lovely coastline at Grange Over Sands a couple of weekends ago. And Mr Hugo of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for bobbing by.

21 thoughts on “Hawthorns Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ July. ๐Ÿ“ท”

  1. Great stuff. That cake looks lovely, almost a shame to cut it up. I like your take on Still Life; you even saw a Little Owl, lucky you.

  2. Great photos, I love all your still life ones! Even with practice the masks are hard to get used to, but it does get better. Mr Hugo is adorable!

  3. Arenโ€™t teasels such a gorgeous weed? We have them here in Tasmania too and while they are an introduced species, I do like the look of them! We are however, lucky that we donโ€™t have to use masks here and Iโ€™m hoping it stays that way!

  4. Lovely photos and stories Sharon, thank you for joining in x (that is definitely a FFFFantastic birthday cake!)

  5. Lovely photos, that’s a great cake and I love the teasels. It is strange wearing a mask, I’ve worn one a couple of times now but wouldn’t want to have to wear one for longer than an hour or two:)

  6. Love your selection. The purple teasels are gorgeous as is your still life collection & yes, still life goes on. I’m finding it hard, but am keeping relatively busy…..ah, making ,masks which I also find difficulty in wearing & tend to hyperventilate. Won’t be venturing very far for the next 6 weeks anyway due to only be able to travel 5kms from home for essentials. We’ll still be doing local walks. I’m on catchup at the moment due to a bit of a low period. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

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