Melmerby & Ousby Circular walk.

Here are a few images from a 5 mile walk we did on Saturday in The Eden Valley. This is a nice walk in some parts, but we definitely had issues with some very lively cattle, and had to keep making diversions to avoid them. I love cows the most when they are snoozy, and not galloping down a field toward you. 🤪

Also, we had to finish the planned route by road ,as the crops in a cornfield we would have walked through ( on a public footpath) were being collected. It was a peaceful country road though, so not so bad.

We walked through Melmerby, passing rosy stone buildings such as this, the village store.
And a bee friendly area, not for mowing.
A pretty pink poppy, buzzing bee inside.
Bluetit on umbelifer.
A track that takes you up the fell.
But we turned right for Gale Hall.
And were passed by a trailer of bales.
Lane to Gale Hall.
Unsurprisingly Gale Hall is a farmhouse.
A calm cow. Unfortunately I didn’t think to get photos of the lively ones.
Think we are safe from cow stampedes in this field!
Distant crops.
I wondered what a Texas Gate is? It is in fact a cattle grid.
Pony who came for a pat.
Pretty pink mallows.
Postbox in the Row, a part of the straggling village of Ousby.
Sheep being herded in Ousby.
Foxy pub sign.
A Robins Pincushion, which are created by a Gall wasp on wild rose bushes.
Once back in Melmerby I find a pretty painted pebble. 🙂

Parts of this walk weren’t great, but I did get some nice photos from it at least. 😊


33 thoughts on “Melmerby & Ousby Circular walk.”

  1. Ooh, frisky cows and dogs on walks = not a good mix, but we still go!! Love that little stone – some one has spent some time painting that one 🙂

  2. Love these photos. They’ve brightened up a grey day here. Haven’t been able to get out much since lockdown was eased; partly because I don’t drive, I’m still working from home all day every day, and I’m still hesitant at getting back out there too soon.

    1. That’s a shame. I’m lucky that even though I don’t drive either, my other half does. I’m still on furlough too, though possibly not for much longer. I hope you can plan a Bronte inspired day trip or night away soon. X

  3. I wouldn’t like to get chased by cows. It must be very frightening.
    Lovely photograph of the pony. I was stroking one just the other day, but leant over too far and got zapped by the electric fence : )

  4. I don’t know that area at all – it looks well worth a visit.
    I think it’s ‘frisky cow’ season – we walked through a field last week with some very unsettled bullocks in it, which were charging around the field. Bit of a worry, with my mum and dad with us (Dad’s 82), but fortunately the bullocks stayed well away from us.

    1. Phew! Yes we saw a field of bullocks and also a field of mums with babies and a big bull in it , plus another field with two young bulls. And all of them were on the move. Glad yours stayed away.

  5. It must be cow season! 🙂 I curtailed a walk last weekend as there were two grumpy looking cows right in the middle of the path – on my own I would have carried on walking as cows don’t scare me and there were no young ones with this lot but I had Poppie with me so I didn’t risk it.
    I like the photo of the pink mallow, and the painted pebble is very pretty 🙂

    1. I think it is cow season. I don’t mind them usually, but best not to enter a field when they are all running around. Glad you and Poppie are ok. X

    1. Think it is definitely frisky cow season, everyone seems to have had similar experiences recently. But good that your diversion made your outing even better. X

  6. What a lovely walk & your photos warm my heart. I’m missing your lovely country badly at the moment. As we can’t walk across fields (paddocks – no rights for walking on private land here), we definitely don’t have those problems. Love the how the horse wanted some attention…….we all need it now. Thanks for sharing, take care, stay safe & hugs.

  7. Looks like a great walk, except for the cows and minor diversions, your photos are wonderful. I have memories of my sister and I being chased across a field by bullocks who just appeared running towards us, I’ve never climed over a stile so quickly, couldn’t do it now:)

  8. I’ve never really explored the Eden valley as I’m too tempted by the Lake District fells. But in these crazy times when it’s advisable to avoid crowded places, the area looks like it’s definitely worth a visit, reinforced by reading “The stream invites us to follow” by Dick Capel (published by Saraband Books who have some interesting releases from northern writers) where he follows the Eden from “source to sea”
    And cows can be scary – especially if they have their calves with them. Best avoided!

    1. That sounds like an interesting book. I am becoming very fond of The Eden Valley now that we have a van there. The hills are very quiet. My other half is there this wknd doing a walk on the fells above Melmerby. He hasn’t seen a soul.

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