Lowther Longhorns.

Just a quick and hopefully cute post for you today, featuring some very laid back longhorns. I’ve had a fair few hair raising run ins with coos this year, there have been some frisky heifers and bullish young bulls on summer walks, I can tell you. But these guys, well they are just in full on relaxed mode. Though maybe a little curious about why I’m peering at them from behind a big tree…..

Luckily on my second attempt at capturing this native cattle breed on camera, I got slightly better photos. My first attempt a few weeks earlier was on my camera phone. I quite like that you can see lovely Lowther Castle on these ones though. 😊

The English Longhorns roam freely on the Lowther Castle estate near Penrith in Cumbria. They are a new introduction at the castle, and another introduction may well be on its way. Back in January the Lowther estate was given the go ahead to reintroduce beavers to the river Lowther. Due to coronavirus this has been put on hold at the moment though.

I was quite happy to see these snoozy beasts anyway. English Longhorns are a hardy breed , they will be able to stay outdoors during the cold winter months. I am looking forward to seeing more of them through the seasons. 🐮

28 thoughts on “Lowther Longhorns.”

  1. I’m so pleased that things are looking up for Lowther Castle these days. I remember it in a very sorry state indeed when I was a child in the 60s and 70s. Beavers! Well, that is exciting.

      1. A “proper photographer” couldn’t do any better! What’s great about snapshots is being there at the right moment. Your moment was perfect! x

  2. Oh, although large & the big horns looking lethal, they have such gentle, sweet faces. Thanks for sharing & look forward to seeing more of your wildlife pics over the coming seasons. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  3. I haven’t been to Lowther Castle for a few years now, despite it being just down the road. They put their prices up a few years back and it sadly became unaffordable for us to continue with our membership. I love that they have cows in the grounds though that sounds amazing.

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