Bowscale Tarn. 🦈

Saturday morning was chilly and bright as we parked in the small parking area in the little hamlet of Bowscale. Our mission was to find a hidden mountain tarn, once popular as a Victorian tourist destination. Well heeled holiday makers would be transported on ponies up the bridleway from Bowscale to enjoy the views. Today the path remains and a few people ( and dogs 🙂 ) still hike to the tarn.

The walk up to Bowscale Tarn is clearly defined and a relatively gentle climb. Just as I was believing the water would never appear ( I’m very impatient! ) , there it was.

Bowscale Tarn is a corrie tarn, a lake formed when a glacier melted and eroded a bowl shape into the mountains. My photos don’t really do the shape of the tarn justice.

Hugo had a good swim. He is in great company with lots of human wild swimmers who have enjoyed taking a dip here. Check out Christine’s blog for her Bowscale Tarn experience. 🙂

Legend has it that the icy waters are home to two immortal fish! Wordsworth mentioned them in his poem Song, at the feast of Brougham Castle, though not sure how the fishy tale started.

There are plentiful Wainwright fells to attempt in the area, so I’m sure we will return. Above is Carrock Fell ,which we could see on our right ,as we walked up to the tarn.

🥾 3-5 mile walk from Bowscale.

19 thoughts on “Bowscale Tarn. 🦈”

  1. Looks a lovely walk. Must confess to not wandering very far from our comfort zone. Talk myself into exploring a bit further afield, and immediately talk myself out of it! Scaredy cat! 😼 Ask Slinky! x

    1. I think if I lived near the sea I would be perfectly happy not to wander. 🙂
      Slinky isn’t much of a wanderer , she likes to be snug at home. 🙂

      1. I’m the same, haven’t worked since March and just waiting for the call to go back to the office. Though after all this time, I don’t want to. 😦 xx

      2. Haha, I know how you feel. I do want a job , but I’ve also got used to not working. My feelings change on a daily basis though. Xx

      1. Ahh, I never realised they were such unusual words. Tarn is an especially lovely word, in fact a friend in NZ who is English named their baby Tarn. x

  2. I really want to walk up to this tarn for a swim. A friend and I walked on the neighbouring fells a few months ago and we could see the tarn, it looked like a lovely place for a swim.

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