Autumn walk to Dunsop Bridge. 🍄🥾🍁

We joined my sister and kids for a walk along the river Hodder into Dunsop Bridge, a village that claims to be at the very centre of the UK. Lots of Autumn colours and plenty of fungi finds too. We parked by the stone bridge over the river just outside Whitewell.

River Hodder.
A Lonk Tup.
A mushroom that looks like a small fried egg.
Bridge over the Hodder.
My sister navigates a wonky bridge.
One of two stone otters by the river outside Thorneyholme Hall.
Another bridge, near Thorneyholme Hall.
Honey Fungi, possibly.
Thorneyholme Hall, currently empty I think.
More unidentified Fungi.
And more amongst the leaves. opened in the village over Lockdown.
Anyone know what this is by the bridge?
Fun in the leaves.
Shaggy Inkcap.
Hello Ewe.
On our way back we crossed over the bridge. However if you have a dog, you may have to carry your pooch over, due to the holes in it. 🙃
Another Hodder view.
Autumn colours.
Walking back to the car.

This walk was a very enjoyable 4 miles, with a brew and biscuits bought from Puddleducks Tea Room in the village,which is presently operating as a take away. I think we will return 🙂

32 thoughts on “Autumn walk to Dunsop Bridge. 🍄🥾🍁”

  1. The honey fungi looks a little bit like a “chicken of the woods” mushroom I’ve seen from the states. Very good eating mushroom. I’m not sure they grow here. Looks like you had a lovely walk 😊

    1. Sorry but the ‘honey fungi’ you found was definitely not ‘chicken in the woods’.
      As for the fried egg one it may be a Parrot Waxcap.
      Best not to pick or eat any wild mushrooms unless you are 200% sure. I know you wouldn’t.
      I don’t know what that green statue is, I thought it was new but looking at a photo I took some time ago it was there – just didn’t take a closer look.
      Lovely walk that.

      1. No of course it’s not the same 😝. I said it “looked like”!! You’re absolutely right. Never eat anything you don’t know is safe. 😊

      2. Don’t worry I wouldn’t dare eat any fungi I found, I’m definitely no expert. Will buy my shrooms from the market. 😊Yes it was a perfect Autumn walk.

  2. A perfect walk it is that ends in a tea room, and that fungus sure did look like an egg to me. Glorious colours- I think it’s turning into a very pretty Autumn.

  3. It’s a long time since I’ve been up that way – well overdue for a return, but not allowed at the moment with Lancashire in Tier 3
    There was no tea room and bike hire place when I was last there – nor a green sign, whatever it is 🙂

      1. Well, you might feel cross with me, we will be going up to the caravan next week to close it down early for the winter. As it is advise and not yet law, we feel we can still do this, and in fact need to. If the law is changed the desision will be taken from us of course.

      2. Well I dont think I’d ever be cross with you 😂 That’s the thing, you won’t be causing any problems going there providing you are careful, but the measures implemented tend to be blunt instruments with little room for sensible exceptions- unless you’re someone in a powerfull position, of course

  4. Lovely Sharon & I’d love to be able to do walks like, though ours are good but different. I am still usually very childlike when it comes to autumn leaves & kick them around too. Thanks for sharing, take care, stay safe & huggles.

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