Walk From Nest On The Hill.

It does feel like all I post about is walking this year. I suppose that is very true! Before this Sunday morning hike from the Nick O Pendle , we also enjoyed a tasty breakfast at the super cute Nest On The Hill , a newly opened little cafe in a cabin at The Wellsprings restaurant. Wil had a sausage butty and I devoured yummy french toast with melted chocolate and blackberry compote. Hugo was made a fuss of by the lovely young couple who run this quirky bruncherie ( hope bruncherie is a word! ), that serves warming food & drinks before the main restaurant opens for lunch. The Nest is also packed with locally sourced gifts and crafts. Lots of present ideas. I even started my Christmas shopping!

After our food and my purchasing , Hugo for one was busting for a walk. I could have curled up on the cosy sofa in front of the toasty log burner for a while longer ,but fresh air beckoned…. We took the owners recommendation of a bridleway walk through the fields, thus avoiding the crowds who park nearby to make their way up Pendle Hill.

Pendle Ski ⛷️ Slope.
Bench with a view.
View information board.

We walked up the road and down a little , then through a gate on the right, following a farm track/ bridleway over rugged Lancashire countryside. To be totally honest I’m not really sure what this area is called, maybe Wiswell Moor. Some map perusing is needed! Anyway we basically walked as far as a field of llamas, then turned around and made our way back. A muddy 4 miles or so.

An old barn.
Rugged terrain.
Windswept tree.
Sheep’s eye view.
Approaching a conifer plantation.

We carried on toward Bramley Farm.
Passing a few houses and farms, some boarded up.
Look! Llamas.
Green fields.
Blue sky.
Looking towards Nick Of Pendle.
Sunbathing sheep.

The weather was bright and breezy, a perfect Pendle day. More from Pendle Hill coming soon hopefully. 🥾

Nest On The Hill. A cozy Pendle Gem.

29 thoughts on “Walk From Nest On The Hill.”

    1. There are a few signs like that in these parts. I have…..but many years ago on a school trip. I have never got the hang of skiing. 🙃

  1. A lovely walk & you were certainly well rugged up. Fancy being able to actually eat inside somewhere! Ours are going to open slowly after everything being only takeaway for about 7 to 9 months, though we don’t particularly eat out anyway, but do miss our coffee/cake runs with the car club. My blogposts have been a bit hit’n’miss when we actually still “do” things, but not sure whether to write about it. Did you see the photo of my kangaroo with joey? Thanks for sharing your lovely walk, take care, stay safe & huggles.

  2. We seem to be walking loads too – but – 2020 seems to be the year for it! Not walked where you were – although know the area, might have to check it out!

  3. If bruncherie isn’t a word, then it definitely should be! ☺️ I think with indoor activities so limited this year, I think many people have been enjoying nature and walking more, we certainly have been anyway. X

  4. This looks great, mind you all your walks do! I believe you are working again….just as about to finish. Can I ask what Walking boots you have. I only have light weight ones and not suitable for winter walks really. Have a good day. Xxx

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  5. Your walks are always lovely, and it’s one of the best activities to do at the moment. I’m envious of your blue sky and your food sounds absolutely delicious. X

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