Hawthorns October Scavenger Hunt. 🍁

Words for October 2020.

Sweet treat ~ The best October Sweet Treat I have enjoyed is this Mocha Plate at The Shepherd’s Inn in Melmerby. Soo good.

Starts with a ….W… ~ The beautiful Wood carving of a bird of prey in Fitz Park in Keswick looks amazing surrounded by Autumn colours.

Reading now ~ PINE by Francine Toon, which is described on the blurb as A Literary Gothic thriller that chills to the marrow. Yikes!

Hobby/crafting ~ I am not a crafter so I will have to show you some of the pretty painted pebbles I have come across over the last few months. Two were on a little roadside stall and one ( the beautiful Oyster catcher) was painted for me by the very generous Blackpool blogger Bea. πŸ™‚

Something Purple ~ Not sure what these purple tipped plants are? I know them as Mother and Chicks for some reason , they seem very content on stone walls.

My own choice ~ This is not my photo, but shamelessly stolen from a friend. Bruno and Bradley are her family pets. Talk about bunnies that do brunch. Any captions ? πŸ‡πŸ˜Š

Bob over to Kate’s Blog for the October Link Up Party.


27 thoughts on “Hawthorns October Scavenger Hunt. 🍁”

  1. Lovely photos. Caption “Don’t you find greens boring?”. My favourite is the first one, looks delicious! I too think the purple tipped plants are Sempervivums.

  2. Yumtious mocha plate (you’ve got me making up new words now!). Fabulous bunnies: “Fancy a nibble at a 5-star bruncherie?” Awesome pebbles! 🀭

  3. Lovely photos, the sculpture and painted pebble are great and the double trouble nibbling buns made me smile, caption? Um… It could be … when lockdown “hare” cuts become desperate!!!

  4. Great photos & of course I do love the woodcarving as it depicts both a bird of prey & the talent of someone clever. Best of all are the 2 bunnies, which I actually thought were ceramic till you told us they were pets. All the captions are good & I have brain fog this morning so can’t think of anything. Glad you joined in, take care, stay safe & huggles.

  5. After seeing all these delicious sweet treats, I really wished I had baked something today!
    The wood carving is stunning and the little rocks are so sweet.
    OMGoodness, I thought those bunnies were bookends! They are so adorable together. I think they might be saying, “Stay on your side!”

    1. I know what you mean, they appear on her blog home screen sometimes and sometimes she includes them in a post. As soon as she puts up the November words I will let you know them. X

  6. Love all the pictures but best must be the last. I too thought they were ornaments. Talk about ‘parsley sauce’ !! x

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