A Ribchester Ramble.

The weekend saw us head to the Ribble Valley village of Ribchester for a 5.5 circular walk, taking in squelchy fields and country lanes. Ribchester was the site of the Roman fort Bremetennacum and there are ruins of a Roman Bath House in the village. Take your wellies if you do this walk. 😁

An old cottage in Ribchester.
Love this Autumnal wreath.
Corpse Bride.
Pub sign for the White Bull.

We left the village by following the private road to Parsonage farm , where a bridleway took us into waterlogged fields.

Parsonage Farm.
Hugo loved this rainwater pond.
View through the trees.

After squelching through the fields there was some country lane walking. We kept Hugo on his lead, though we didn’t see any cars. Hothersall Lane eventually joins the Ribble Way.

Beef cows at Butchers Fold.
Butchers Fold.
Someone’s watching me…
Look out for those ducks.

Hothersall Lane winds its way down to an Outdoor Centre and then Hothersall Hall. Apparently just past the entrance of Hothersall Hall Farm there is a stone head wedged in a tree. But we couldn’t find it!

Hothersall Lane.
Autumn Leaves.
Hothersall Hall.

We climbed uphill to some trees and there were great views over the Ribble.

Hugo watching us eat sandwiches….
Heading downhill.
Fungi on a tree.
Spot the fieldfare. ❀️

We followed The Ribble Way back to the village. There are lots of interesting old buildings in Ribchester ,so it’s definitely worth a look around.

Fishing on the Ribble.
Love this house gateway.
St Wilfred’s Church, one of four local churches here.
Ribchester Roman Museum.
A column depicting Ribchester’s history.
Potters Barn Cafe is open for takeaways. I can recommend the cake. 🍰
Roman Bath House remains.
Roman Bath House remains.

It was good to visit a village less than ten miles from home, that we have rarely spent any time before.

Find this walk in Guide to Lancashire Pub Walks by Nick Burton.


29 thoughts on “A Ribchester Ramble.”

  1. My mum used to go to Ribchester a lot when she was a kid and she would tell me about it but I’ve never been. This looks like a nice walk (in less squelchy conditions!) so I may check it out next summer πŸ™‚

  2. D’you know what? I’m gonna get wrapped up with the doggos and go that same walk tomorrow or Wednesday. Both days are forecast to stay dry and we could all do with having a good wander and blowing out the cobwebs πŸ™‚

      1. Actually scratch that link I’m reading the notes and really laughing at how often it says to disregard this, ignore that and do the other instead.

        Christ I’d never be seen again. Missing woman with two dogs. Last seen trying to comprehend that little bit between Mellor and Whalley πŸ˜‚ I am really bad for getting easily thrown off, taking one wrong turn and becoming hopelessly lost like I’m in “Labyrinth”

        Tickled me but what a bizarre thing to read.

        β€œIgnore that sign telling you to go this way and instead go that way.

        You will come to a large gap in the wall which has a bright blue sign shaped like a foam finger and reads β€œThis way to Salvation and Glory”


        There is a better route that isn’t as muddy or difficult and it takes you straight into electric fence of savagery.

        When you experience the sensation of being in the elbow with a rubber mallet, you have reached the electric fence of savagery.

        Stop, have a little drink and some cheese and pickle πŸ™‚

      2. Yeh it does sound pretty complicated. I would definitely get lost. A bad map reader at the best of times! I wouldn’t want to climb over an electric fence either, even if there is a stile. πŸ˜…

  3. Been some years since I’ve visited Ribchester. The kids were small and I remember visiting the little Roman museum and having Sunday dinner in the pub. I also rember an early episode of Time Team where they surveyed a field with one of their geophysics gizmo machines and discovered hidden markings of, surprise, surprise, a football pitch!
    Don’t much fancy a squelchy walk through fields at the moment (need to get myself some wellies)

  4. I’ve taken to lane walking again for the winter months. The odd dart up a tor included but lots on quiet lanes helps to get the miles in. This looks a good walk and I guess is 10 miles is your interpretation of “short drive”? Not easy to work out what they mean, I’ve gone for 30 minutes, but as lots of the driving around here is on lanes and B roads it takes me about 20 miles max from home

    1. I know ,it’s so difficult to work out how far we are allowed to go. I’m thinking 30 mins drive from home is perfectly acceptable. Trying to avoid where we think may be really popular.

  5. Just on catch up.Thanks for taking us along on such a lovely walk. The whole place seems so interesting & full of history & your photos are great. Take care, stay safe & huggles..

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