Hawthorns November Photo Scavenger Hunt.

I’m joining in as ever with Hawthorns Photo Scavenger Hunt this month. For this one I did look into my archives for a couple of pictures.


Houseplant/s ~ I have a few cacti and succulents dotted around the house. Heres my favourite planted in a stout can which I got a few years ago from a Makers Market in Manchester. So happy it’s still going strong. 🙂

Ring/s ~ It’s The Singing Ringing Tree over Burnley way. A metal pipe sculpture of a twisted tree. When the wind blows through the pipes ,eerie tunes are played. Hugo was mesmerised on our visit a few years ago. 😅

Harbour ~ Staithes on the Yorkshire coast , a November visit some 5 years ago. A lovely picturesque place to amble round.

Window ~ I love this office window in town, with the town literally stenciled onto the glass. A picture perfect view of Clitheroe.

Sky ~ This was my front passenger seat vista on our journey home from the caravan in October. It felt like we were driving into those puffy white clouds.

My own choice ~ I have noticed quite a few white and black & white crows around Clitheroe recently. No photos yet, but here’s one of a bonnie blackbird with white feathers I have seen too.

Thanks for dropping by.🥰

19 thoughts on “Hawthorns November Photo Scavenger Hunt.”

  1. Great choices for this month’s topics 🙂 I especially like the harbour shot, Staithes is a lovely little place, and the blackbird – I’ve never seen one with white feathers before 🙂

  2. I love the singing ringing tree … not one we’ve come across but we do love an outdoor sculpture and come across them in the unlikeliest of places. Staithes too is a favourite … as it all of that North Yorkshire coast. Thank you for sharing 😃

    1. Hi no crows are just usually black. Thats why it’s been odd to see a couple of white ones and a few black and white ones this year. And that’s my first sight of a blackbird with white feathers too. Yes we do have black and white magpies too. X

  3. We often drive past the Singing Ringing tree but have yet to stop and walk to it. Haven’t been to Staithes for many a year. Thanks for your cheery photos.

  4. I love the idea of the succulent in the can, we have plenty here I could choose from to make a fun garden! The pipes look so cool, a different kind of treat for Hugo I’m sure.

  5. Well done Sharon & you’ve made me homesick with pics of The Singing Ringing Tree & Staithes. Love the window etching & sky, but a white crow? Ours are all black. Hope you can get a photo of it. Thanks for sharing, take care, stay safe & huggles.

  6. Love picture of Hugo entranced by the noise of the Singing Ringing Tree. We occasionally have blackbirds with a rogue white feather too. But this year we are not seeing so many blackbirds, only a few tits and doves. Had many trees chopped own around us, maybe that is why. x

    1. Hi Christine, sorry missed your message there. The December words are up in Kate’s latest post and she has a different take on things with a post each Friday in December. You might like her idea. X

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