Festive Friday Photo. 🌲❄️⛄

Decorations – a favourite one – was it inherited, did your kids make it or was it one you bought on a whim and love dearly.

That is the prompt from Hawthorns December Photo Hunt , she has asked us to share a photo every Friday in December. A lovely way to spread the cheer.

I have decided to show you my Snow Globe which I bought last Christmas in Keswick. Wil, Hugo and I spent the festive period in one of our favourite towns. This pretty souvineer will forever remind me of our happy holiday.

A fox 🦊 amongst swirling snowflakes. And if you look closely, 2 tiny robins in the branches of the tree.

Confession ~ I leave it out all through the year, as I love it so much. ❤️


23 thoughts on “Festive Friday Photo. 🌲❄️⛄”

  1. Oh sweet fox and robin globe – no wonder you live out all year long, if you lived with me – I’d never pack you away at the end of the festive decorations either!

  2. That is lovely, snow globes are a little big magical. I’d really struggle to pick just one but current favourites are a little wooden tree we bought in New York for our first wedding anniversary, a wooden Santa I bought on a trip to Dublin with friends and a frosted glass bauble with a string of red stars inside that I found on our trip to Pitlochry in October. X

  3. Cute snowglobe – it deserves to be seen all year round. You could say it was ‘a winter scene’ rather than just for Christmas. In the height of summer you can look at it and thank your lucky stars you don’t get snow all year round!

  4. What a lovely snowglobe. Yes it should be out all year round if only as a reminder of a lovely holiday in Keswick.

  5. Oh, it’s gorgeous!!! I love snow globes & had a few as a child, but don’t even know where they ended up. Probably were not actually mine, but all the family ones. My niece in Leeds has many & a couple I’ve bought for her too. Can’t wait to see what everyone puts up for this festive hunt. Take care, stay safe & hugs from down under.

  6. That is beautiful… I love it. How lovely that you bought it is Keswick which is also a beautiful place to visit, it’s so nice to be surrounded by things that evoke good memories 😃

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