Sabden and Churn Clough Reservoir.

More and more this year, we have discovered places local to us that we haven’t really taken notice of before. One such village is Sabden , just over the other side of Pendle . Nestled in its own valley under the bulk of Lancashire’s most famous hill, Sabden is said to be 2 degrees cooler than any of its neighbors. With that in mind we dressed for Winter on Saturdays 3.5 mile hike from Sabden to Churn Clough Reservoir. We parked at the village car park, where we met a friend and his two Bedlingtons who joined us.

Basically this walk can be made much shorter by not even venturing into Sabden, there is roadside parking before you descend into the village. Personally I am glad we saw at least a small part of Sabden. Or you can include the reservoir in a much longer hike around the valley. Here are some photos from our walk.

Badger Wells Cottages.

Not sure what this flower is, but love it’s vibrant purple colour.
There was a little terrier watching us from the downstairs right window in this pretty cottage.
A striking sunflower bench. No time to rest though..
I love that Gorse can flower all year round.
Finger Post Sign.

We did somehow take a bit of a detour up the hill a bit ( not my idea 🀣) , so the reservoir materialised quite a distance away. Churn Clough Reservoir was built in the late 1800s and extended in the 1920s. It is used for fishing and there is a good footpath round it.

Churn Clough Reservoir.
Melting snow.

Pew with a view.

Several cormerants were diving for fish.
A rather nice house that looks over the water.
Unfortunately this walkway was blocked off.
Churn Clough dam.
Goodbye Churn Clough.
A typical Sabden cottage.
And an appropriate pub sign for a Pendleside village.
Knitted Nativity. ❀️

I am looking forward to returning to Sabden and it’s scenically set reservoir. Another local gem found.

What has been your favourite local discovery this year? There have been so many…..


27 thoughts on “Sabden and Churn Clough Reservoir.”

  1. I think I could quite easily live in that house overlooking the water πŸ™‚ I did a local discovery walk on Saturday close to where I’ve been many times before but I’d never thought of taking that particular path until I read about something of historical interest close by. I didn’t take the dogs as I suspected it would be muddy but it was a lovely walk and one I’ll do again when the ground is drier πŸ™‚

  2. What a gorgeous place! Way back in the summer, we found nearby hills that we’d never climbed before that gave the most amazing views.

  3. Some years ago (ok ok – it was before we were married) we toyed with the idea of buying a house in Sabden. Not sure why we didnt in the end. I never knew there was a reservoir up there, but my OH probably would do – he grew up in the area. We’ve walked our local patch down to the bare threads, so a new spot to explore might be just what we need to check out πŸ™‚

  4. Sabden is lovely, that drop into the valley from the Nick is magic especially if there is a little early morning mist around or woodsmoke on a winter’s evening. The pub is friendly and recommended – when it reopens.
    Never been to Churn Clough. Mental note to visit.
    TouchΓ© with the gorse photos.

  5. I’m not sure it’s my favourite discovery but the most surprising has been a network of grassy, tree-lined footpaths on our estate, as well as a little brook and even some allotments. We’ve lived here 35 years and never knew they existed. Thank you, Lockdown Restrictions, for encouraging us to explore new stuff almost literally on our doorstep!

  6. I’ve never been over that side of Pendle otherthan parking up at the Nick and walking up to the Big End.
    P.s did you spot any Treacle People?

  7. I’ve never been to Sabden even though it’s not too far from me. It looks a lovely place. My lockdown discovery has been Morecambe Bay and the surrounding area. It’s beautiful and there’s a lot of history.

  8. I need to visit the area. It seems my family originated in one of the farm buildings in Heyhouses along the sabden brook valley. Roll on the spring.

  9. Does nobody have any of photographs of the old house that stood near churn clough reservoir up until the early 80’s it was dilapidated then so was demolished I have searched the internet for pics of that house with its eerie vibe for hours.

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