Festive Friday Photo ~ Clementine Biscuits. 🍊🌲

Photo courtesy of Erol Ahmed on Unsplash.

Instead of posting photos on the last Friday of the month, Kate is asking us to post one or more each Friday for her popular Scavenger Hunt. Today’s prompt is ….

Baking – festive or otherwise and may be share the recipe so we can all have a taste πŸ™‚

Well I am not a good baker. As you can see below my Clementine Biscuits look nothing like they should !

My biscuits.
What they should have looked like…….

The only change I made to the recipe was to use grated Clementine zest instead of orange zest because I had bought a couple of Clementines from the market . Although they tasted nice , asphetically pleasing they were not. The recipe can be found here. 🍊

The Christmas tradition of putting an orange ,clementine or satsuma in a stocking possibly dates back to the 4th century. A prosperous Greek bishop known as St Nicholas tipped gold coins down the chimney of a man who had been unable to raise the money for his daughters dowries. The coins fell into the girls stockings that were hanging by the fire. Oranges became representative of the coins and stockings continue to be hung by the fireplace on Christmas Eve.

Have you ever received an orange in your Christmas stocking?



27 thoughts on “Festive Friday Photo ~ Clementine Biscuits. 🍊🌲”

  1. Don’t worry that your delicious biscuits aren’t as pretty as in the recipe’s photo; I wonder how many they discarded in order to get the perfect ones. As you say yours tasted good and that is what matters the most; most of my baking tastes fine but looks…..

  2. Everyone is putting me to shame. All this baking. Your biscuits must have tasted lovely as clementine gives it a Christmassy flavour. Yes I have had an orange in the toe of a stocking and usually something like a Golly (they were not PC then) sticking out the top. Happy memories. x

  3. Orange biscuits sound delicious. I thought there was a law that said Father Christmas had to put an orange in the toe of every stocking.. did I get that wrong? xx

  4. Oh I would not have worried Sharon – I thought they looked great and if they tasted good – then all the better!
    Love the link of the gold coins and the oranges in stockings – and no, never had oranges in ours, and equally have never put them in our sons either πŸ™‚ may be this year (now they are all ‘growd’ up might be a good time to do it haha – I can can just see their faces πŸ˜€ )

  5. As children we always had an orange in our Christmas stocking, I
    had always thought it was because they were an expensive fruit in NZ at the time and so a treat. But maybe my parents knew the tradition but not why.
    Also when I look at the site your got your recipe from I think they seem to use the American cookies and biscuits, rather than the English biscuits and scones, respectively, so this may have confused what you were creating. I’m glad they tasted great either way.

  6. I think your biscuits look lovely. And anyway, it only really matters what they taste like. I always like to get the leaves on clementines, but i’m sure my latest box contained half the tree as well as the fruit! X

  7. I love a citrusy flavoured biscuit, so yours look fab to me. I agree with the commenter who thinks the others look more like scones. I know of the tradition of the orange in the stocking (though I don’t think we ever got one as children) but not the reason behind it. Interesting!

  8. They look scrummy … I love it when the boxes of clementines, with all the leaves still on, appear in the supermarket. It really starts to feel like Christmas

  9. It doesn’t matter what they look like, as long as they taste good! This is one I’m definitely going to make for the family.
    And yes, growing up we always had an orange and apple in our stockings, as well as nuts, chocolate, and little presents!

  10. We never had stockings as a child. My mom was Russian and my dad Austrian so perhaps not part of their traditions. We always had boxes of oranges though, individually wrapped in that pretty green tissue paper. Electricity and indoor plumbing were slow to come here in the prairies. I remember reading how the orange paper was carefully saved for use in the outhouse as a more comfortable alternative to the Sears’s catalogue 😜

    1. Oh my! I’m not sure I envy you that. I never had a stocking either. We had pillowcases. I do fancy resurecting the stocking tradition, though we don’t have a mantel piece to hang them on. X

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