2020 ~ My Year In Photos.

I always do a yearly review post, and well even if 2020 has been a bit pants,I’m looking through my photos and there has still been plenty of stuff to be thankful for. We have survived living through a Global Pandemic. That can only be a good thing!

A walk up Pendle Hill in January.

In January was Wil’s 5Oth Birthday and thankfully he got to celebrate with friends in real life. Yay! Though planned trips and gigs to continue the celebrations through the rest of 2020 have been delayed, hopefully he can carry them over to next year……

A Kieffer Sutherland Concert in Blackburn.

February. A pretty quiet month. I think we would have gone out more, if only we had realised that our lives would change quite dramatically, in just a few short weeks.


March. Wil, Hugo and I managed a wknd away at our caravan in Cumbria before lockdown was announced. Then one day in early March I was sent home from work….and never went back. Luckily I was furloughed and Wil has remained in his job throughout 2020. Having him carry on going to work as normal meant our everyday lives didn’t change as much as some people’s.

Something that turned out right ~ Rock Buns.

April. We had a long dry Spring which for me meant lots of walks with Hugo….and lots of baking. I can’t say my baking skills improved that much, but I did manage to make both Banana Bread and Rock Cakes. I never tried the Joe Wicks Workouts though, so I have put on a few pounds. 🧐

A glorious walk along the Lune in Caton.

May. One positive thing about travel restrictions this year , discovering more of my home county of Lancashire. I must admit in previous years we have hopped over the border to The Dales or had days out in The Lake District, rather than explore locally. Lancashire is lovely too. I appreciate what’s on my doorstep more now.

Socially distanced meet up in the park.

June. Sometime in June restrictions eased and friends were allowed to meet up again…outdoors. The new going out became drinking in the park ,like a bunch of teenagers. 😉

Van Life.

July. Finally we were allowed to stay over at our caravan once again. Having bought it in Summer 2019 , Wil and I had been looking forward to spending lots of quality time there this year. Luckily we managed to grab a few weekends away in Summer.

Eskdale with friends.

August. Wow things were beginning to feel almost normal. We had the best time spending a long weekend in Ravenglass & Eskdale with friends.

Bad Hair Day 🤣 Bonscale Pike.

September. Managed to add a few more Wainwright’s to my very short list, using the van as our base. New additions are Arthur’s Pike, Bonscale Pike above, Hallin Fell and even Skiddaw.

Autumn fun.

October. Autumn colours were glorious in 2020 and I noticed far more different species of fungi than any other year. Enjoyed a few nice walks with family , which is always good. Found a new job cleaning in a local secondary school ( phew!) after the cafe business I had worked in until March finally admitted it wouldn’t be opening up again.

C’mon Mum, let’s play ball….

November. Back in lockdown for a month. Blah. Bad timing for little old me as I had been looking forward to going out for my birthday, somewhat optimistically. My lovely friends did organize me my first Zoom Party though. 😊

Christmas 🌲☃️

December. Christmas has actually been pretty good , considering. Lots of walks with friends & or family. Socially distanced meet ups & a very nice Christmas dinner bought from Holmes Mill. ❤️

I know that the next few months will probably mean we move up a tier in Lancashire and things will probably get worse before they get better, but here’s hoping for a very happy and healthy 2021.

Thanks for bobbing by occasionally, I really appreciate it.


49 thoughts on “2020 ~ My Year In Photos.”

  1. It’s always lovely to look back and remember the best moments of the year, thanks for sharing 🙂 all the best and happy new year! PedroL, from Portugal

  2. This year has been one on it’s own! So much has changed, plans scuppered or amended but we still managed to find new places to explore (I agree with you about finding more about your local patch), new jobs (me too) and really appreciating that precious time we managed to get in between lockdowns – here is to 2021 !

  3. It looks like you had quite a reasonable year in spite of various restrictions. As you say, things could probably get worse before they get better but I’m sure there’s a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere – here’s hoping for much better times in 2021 🙂

  4. I think you’ve made the best of a very strange year, and couldn’t agree more that it’s encouraged many of us to explore our local areas more than we would have before. Best wishes for 2021. X

  5. I enjoyed that post of your year and realised that people are coping in their own ways. Well done & I do hope you are enjoying your new job. Glad you had a nice Xmas even with all your restrictions & a belated Merry Christmas. Take care, stay safe and huggles.

  6. Wow what a year indeed! I think its not that bad.Great thing you focused on the good side instead of counting the catasthropic things.
    I wish you all the best for the coming year and stay safe…keep on writing!

  7. All the best and HOPE for 2021. 2020 in pictures a year of memories in a year with fewer opportunities, Our van has just been MOTed just 10k miles in 12 months normally near 20K. Pictures and walks very local this year.

  8. It’s definitely been a year when we’ve all needed to make the most of what’s on our doorsteps. I always make my own calendar from photos from the previous year and there were fewer than normal options for including in 2021. Your post has inspired me to do my own annual post on what’s on my calendar so thank you as I’ve been struggling a bit with what to write about and a new idea is just what I needed 😂

  9. It has been a very weird year, but you have certainly made the best of it, as we have tried to do too. We were all really hopeful in the summer, weren’t we, and yet now it’s almost as bad as it was in March. I’m sorry the café you worked for went under, there must be thousands of casualties like that. Still, the vaccines offer a few glimmers of hope so on we go! A happy new year to you, Wil, and Hugo. All the best for 2021, May it be SO much better than 2020 for us all.

    1. I hope it’s a great one for you too Anabel and we can all get back to exploring further afield. I’m incredibly thankful I found a job and one which I still have weekends free for walks etc. X

  10. Your year looked like a jolly good one – all things being as they were! 🤞 2021 will be the year we can venture further afield, pop into the pub, have a meal out and do all those nice things we’ve been deprived of in 2020.

  11. I think next year will be a strange year. People not sure whether to carry on looking local at the places they discovered in 2020 or head away to find new things. Either way lots more people will stay in the UK with Brexit. Love your photos and well done for increasing your Wainwright numbers. Lots to do but I reckon you could pick off a few more next year

  12. I enjoyed your 2020 roundup, despite the limitations some great pics. My fave was the bright display of celandines – such a clear yellow. Followed by all pix of Hugo – a photogenic hound! Wishing you a safe and outdoorsy 2021.

  13. Lots of lovely moments during the pandemic – despite the restrictions – thanks for sharing them with us. I wish I had more photos of what I’ve been up to – like you, I’ve discovered more in my area than ever before – new parks and outdoor spaces being many of them. Wishing you a happy and safe 2021.

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