Snowy Scenes.

Even a smattering of snow completely changes the look and feel of a place. Clitheroe Castle this morning ,before the betwixmas crowds landed ,had a magical quality about it. I took these photos with my phone on an early walk with Hugo. ❤️

Later today a friend asked me if fancied going for a Pendle Hill walk. I did not hesitate. I wanted to experience some more of the white stuff. 😁 Once parked , we headed to the Wellsprings at the Nick ,where we bought take away sausage butties & hot chocs before stepping into a winter wonderland. My friend took most of these lovely pictures. ❤️

A truelly enjoyable day. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

24 thoughts on “Snowy Scenes.”

    1. It was stunning. Just from the Wellsprings. It got very busy though in the afternoon with cars , everybody wanted to be up there. I don’t blame them.

  1. Lovely – we had Pendle in our sky line view both in today’s and yesterday’s walks – and it definitely looked all snowy and white!

  2. You can have my share of it Sharon, though it does look nice in your second set of photos – I particularly like the sky in the last two shots 🙂

  3. From t’other side of the River Ribble, Winter Hill and surroundings looked lovely covered in a dusting of snow. Wolf Fell and Parlick no snow. Black Coombe in the Lake District no snow. Couldn’t see North Wales today. Such is the panorama at low tide from the beach at St Annes. Sadly, no snow here! ⛄

  4. Wow, that’s a lot of “white stuff”. Thanks for sharing & I think I may have missed some of your posts when our i’net was playing up, so sorry about that. Have a good New Year, take care, stay warm & safe & hugs from down under.

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